Wonders In Westlake Social Scene

When Westlake folks take care of their own, amazing things happen. Such was the case one recent night at 101 North’s soon-to-be-revealed late night lounge. North Ranch resident Laney Ziv decided to keep the celebration for her 50th birthday local and tapped in to a few of the best that are Westlake to transform the fabulous (even in a pre-opening state) space with spectacular flowers and event decor by Sarah Z and team at XO Bloom, the finest wines gifted to the birthday girl by AJA Vineyards (close by but technically in Malibu!) and a totally fitting cake by JaimeCakes, paying homage to a special project of Laney’s. It was a stunning red and gold-swathed night courtesy of the wonders of Westlake!


The cake from JaimeCakes was a delicious and creative nod to Laney’s Legacy—a project the birthday girl, Laney Ziv, has been working on devoted to travel essentials, hat boxes and hats.


Laney (center) with Heather McDonald (left) and Liz Roman.


Laney with her family, from left: son David; mother, Royce Singer; son Jordan; husband, David and mother-in-law, Sylvia Ziv.


From left: Ken Lawson, Nikki Sixx, John Cataldo, Todd Greenbaum, Tony Principe and David Ziv.


Flower and event decor company XO Bloom did a spectacular job executing the red and gold theme.


From left: Courtney Sixx, Geri Schwartz, Laney, Letal Skelton and Jen Cataldo.


The centerpieces by XO Bloom ensured there were red roses everywhere.


The dance room at 101 North was the perfect space for this crowd and the festive decor.

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