Winter White Flowers

WINTER WHITES AND THEIR VARYING SHADES HAVE LONG BEEN A FAVORITE OF WINTER FASHIONISTAS. And it’s no wonder that like many artistic expressions, floral arrangements take inspiration from runways and designer look books. WLM Entertainment Editor Courtney Sixx drew on these winter white combinations to create a spectacular yet simple display of winter white flowers. It’s an arrangement perfect for decorating any winter tablescape or delighting a hostess. The best part of working with white? “Accessorizing” with bits of color. In this case, rich green leaves.

An arrangement with winter white flowers can be made this size, smaller or even larger. It will depend on the size of the vessel and number of flowers you are working with. Look for flowers at a farmers market, the flower district or at a supermarket.

For this display

Footed rustic metal container
3 dozen white roses
3 bunches of kale flowers
2 bunches of white spray roses
2 bunches of white tulips
magnolia leaves (branches trimmed)
15 branches (long and thin; gathered from trees in the backyard if possible)


1. Trim floral foam to fit container opening. Soak until saturated and place in container.
2. Begin by arranging roses first, in the center top and all around the sides, turning the vase as you arrange to ensure even placement.
3. Next, arrange spray roses next to roses, turning the vase again for even placement.
4. Then, arrange kale flowers all around, distributing evenly.
5. Follow with the magnolia leaves. Arrange these around the base of the display, draping over the lip of the vase.
6. Arrange the tulips all around, distributing evenly.
7. Fill in empty spaces with magnolia leaves, pushing in to foam so leaves don’t drape over flowers (as they do at base).
8. Randomly place branches in arrangement from top to sides so that branches stand at a slight diagonal.

To see more fabulous DIY from Courtney Sixx, visit: and on Instagram @how2girl

photograph by Troy Jensen

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