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While the world is suffering on many levels—trying to tackle the pandemic, close the political divide and confront issues of inequality and injustice—creatives continue to move forward in their businesses and pursuits. As a result, many use their platforms for social change, with a global reach offering socially conscious discussions. Likewise many allow us to explore the world via social media in ways that are enlightening and inspiring, both textually and visually, especially now with increased time at home that has forced upon (given) us even more time in front of our computers or on our phones.

Influencers to follow

I find it uplifting to follow as many creative forces as possible, from fashion and art to food and travel, to get different perspectives on beauty, style and presentation. We reached out to a unique mix of local style bloggers (primarily based in Los Angeles) and asked them about what inspires their vision and content. On these pages are their images that captivated us as well as their answers to this question: What influences fashion influencers?

Influencer #1

Jacey Duprie


also see Jacey’s style @damselindior and @1212


Style Inspo

“I am personally influenced by so many things. My readers sometimes influence my purchases because I pay close attention to what they are clicking on via our blog. I’m also influenced by my friends, travel and interior designers. They always have the best (under the radar secret) style!”


Influencer #2

Perkens Bien Aime



Lifestyle brand (set to launch August 2020)

Style Inspo

“My style is a direct reflection of the things I like. I’m inspired by the simple things. I love classic pieces because they’re timeless. My style is very eclectic. I don’t follow trends, am an avid vintage shopper from clothes to vinyls, vintage cars, old movies, watches, etc. and I like unique pieces that you can’t find anywhere else. You could say I’m an old soul. And I’m also launching my lifestyle brand sproosonline.com early next week (Link not yet active). I’ve been working on this for some time now so I’m excited and cannot wait to launch! It will be featuring a collection of curated items that I consider to be basics and essentials along with a few accessories. I designed this collection with a focus on elevated loungewear and comfort for the guy who — due to the current pandemic — is experiencing a lifestyle shift and is now spending a lot of time at home.”

Influencer #3

Roberta Sowby



Style Inspo

“I don’t follow trends, I wear what fits my body well, is comfortable and yet will make me feel like I am put together. Mostly I feel inspired by comfort. I also get very inspired and excited to wear brands that do good for their community or a cause. … I believe that all companies should stand for a greater good; no matter what industry you are. For me at Roma, my own label, we dedicate a percentage of sales to the homeless. We are currently working with the Union Rescue Mission in L.A. I want everyone to know that they are truly helping out when they are purchasing one of our dresses, tops or dusters. I also love to shop from other businesses that have the same mentality. Brands like Sarah Hendler (who works with different organizations every month); @beagoodperson, a black-owned business which stands for more than selling and Patrizia Montanari Brand that has a gender-free insane collection of minimalist pieces. Another essential point to me is to shop small business!”

Influencer #4

Tim Melideo



Style Inspo

“What influences my style … it’s mostly musicians and actors from the ‘60s and ‘70s. People like Paul Newman, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and Steve McQueen. Also vintage pictures from that era … those of just your average Joe in America; particularly those at concerts or just working outside. There is also the Italian style influence from that time and of today. The ‘casual’ suiting of their every day; particularly the older men.”

Influencer #5

Jenny Suet In Tsang



Style Inspo

“I am influenced by designs that tell a story.”

Influencer #6

Tandya Stewart



Style Inspo

“My style is inspired by minimalism, neutrals, art and travel. I am always inspired while traveling and going to museums. I went to Paris for the first time when I was 18 and I fell in love with the beautiful city. The art, the culture and the way of life really intrigued me. From this trip on, my style evolved.”

Influencer #7

Melissa Meyers



Contributor to

Style Inspo

“I get most of my fashion inspiration mostly from my Instagram feed and admire the styles of other influencers. I think my style is a combo of all of them. Plus, my mom was in fashion her entire life (she was a buyer for Lord & Taylor and then had her own clothing boutique). And of course, my 23-year-old daughter has quite the eye for discovering the hottest new fashions.”

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