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The process of detox in health and wellness is much more comprehensive than shedding a few extra pounds. Therefore, it’s an opportunity to reflect on the past. And to reset your mind and body with a look toward the future. Turning a detox into a life-changing and unforgettable experience is possible. Especially by exploring one of the fabulous wellness spas in Europe. These spots are known for setting clientele on a new and improved mental and physical path. From Portugal to Switzerland, personalized treatments and total body rejuvenation await. These five-star wellness escapes can be found in Europe’s breathtaking forests, vineyards and coastlines.

The Dolder Grand Zurich

Overlooking Lake Zurich with stunning views of the Swiss Alps, the Dolder Grand is an exquisite place to kickstart a health journey. Originally built in 1899, today’s palace hotel is a product of a lavish, ten-year-old renovation. Above all, the Dolder Grand’s 4,000 square-meter spa is among the countless five-star amenities. In addition, they partner with Double Check, a world-class medical center with an elite network of 200 Swiss-based doctors and specialists. The spa also offers nutritional programs fit for every guest. There is a 14-day program consisting of medical consultations, spa treatments, micronutrients and individual infusions. All in accordance with SWAMI GenoType nutritional analysis.

Villa Stéphanie
Baden-Baden, Germany

Aptly situated in the historic spa town of Baden-Baden, the renowned Villa Stéphanie boasts exclusive and extensive wellness programs. These  range from preventative healthcare and specialist treatments, to digital detox. There is also a personalized 10-day weight loss program complete with medical body analysis and metabolism studies. The 5,000 square-meter spa stretches over five floors. It includes the 500 square-meter sauna, plunge pool, private gym, hamam and ladies’ sauna. Those seeking mental and physical rejuvenation are sure to find a perfectly tailored program here at the heart of Germany’s Black Forest.

Vilalara Thalassa Resort
Porches, Portugal

“When anxious, uneasy and bad thoughts come, I go to the sea,” Rilke wrote. And what an excellent idea. Especially when the sea is only a few footsteps away from this luxurious, five-star Vilalara Thalassa Resort. Find a selection of preventative care at the Vilalara Thalassa Longevity & Medical Spa. It’s been voted “Most Life Changing Spa” in the world by the prestigious Tatler Awards. And one of the “Best Medical Spas in the World” by Condé Nast Traveler. Diverse treatments include Integrative Medicine and Anti-Ageing Consultation. There are also Stress Management Therapies, Mindfulness, Craniosacral Therapy and Energetic Healing. At this Wellness Spas in Europe, there are also exclusive formulas for weight loss, detox and anti-inflammation. In the same vain, people come for vitamin-mineral rebalancing, immune system and regeneration of organs and cells.

SHA Wellness Clinic
Alicante, Spain

Along the blue coast of Alicante, the SHA Wellness Clinic sits near the gorgeous Parc Natural de la Serra Gelada. From Sleep Reset to Life Recovery, the five-star resort offers innovative, comprehensive programs tailored to well-being. SHA incorporates effective natural therapies, therapeutic nutrition and the latest advances in western medicine. There are highly specialized treatments in preventative care, genetics and anti-aging among the scenic backdrop of coastal Spain.

La Réserve Ramatuelle
Ramatuelle, France

Peace, excellence and privacy are among the top values for this elite wellness spa in Europe. A popular Côte d’Azur region destination for celebrities, La Réserve Spa is a “Leading Hotels of the World.” Certainly they have  an emphasis on an intimate, exclusive experience. The hotel is completely surrounded by the beautiful nature of the French Riviera. With a leading focus on better aging, La Réserve Spa bases its programs on the medical expertise of the Nescens brand and the Anti-Aging Centre at the Clinique de Genolier (Switzerland). Three to six-day programs offer personalized combinations. Guest choose from spa treatments, exercise and tailored meals for preserving vitality and youthfulness.

L’Albereta Relais & Chateaux
Franciacorta, Italy

L’Albereta is one of two exclusive medical and wellness spas designed by Henri Chenot. L’Albereta is a lush escape of self-care and wellness tucked into the wine region of Northern Italy. Espace Chenot Health Wellness SPA has a highly qualified team. More than 30 professionals (doctors, therapist assistants, osteopaths and beauticians) take care there. L’Albereta is equipped to bring clients’ bodies back to maximum psychophysical form. The exclusive Chenot Method combines biontology with the principles of Chinese medicine. Further it marries more evolved techniques of Western medicine. That is to say, it provides a wide array of one-of-a-kind wellness programs.

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