Unplug on the Run

Unplug on the Run
Quick Fix Meditation at a Sleek LA Studio

You eat right, exercise, go to the doctor, take vitamins and more—all the best things to do for your body. Good for you. But what about your mental well-being and stress level? Many of the aforementioned exercises may touch on that as well, but perhaps the best thing you can do is breathe, just breathe (as Faith Hill says).

Meditation has long been favored for focusing and centering our minds to reduce stress, anger and overall anxiety. While many embrace this practice, others don’t jive with the hokey rhythm that might come with it, the prolonged commitment of transcendental meditation courses or weeks-long programs not to mention the costs associated with these.

That’s exactly what former “Vogue” and “Glamour” editor and style contributor to television shows like “Good Morning America,” Suze Yalof Schwartz experienced. A transplanted New Yorker when her husband took the job of CEO of the Broad Foundation in 2014, Suze was overwhelmed by the move that included establishing a new life in LA for her three young sons. She started doing breathing exercises at the recommendation of her mother-in-law who is a psychotherapist. Suze reacted so well to this methodology that she went in search for more, including an eight-week-long program at UCLA and Oprah and Deepak Choprah’s meditation challenge. But she wasn’t feeling it anywhere—she even read books, listened to podcasts, took other classes in the hopes of finding the perfect experience. For her, it was not that the meditation did not work. She was transformed by the process but just not how it was being presented.

The question Suze kept coming back to was whether successful meditation could be less than more: less time, less money, less hokiness, less commitment. “Where is the Drybar for meditation?” she wondered. How can meditation be a quick fix for a busy someone, who wants to walk in feeling overwhelmed and walk out feeling centered, a half hour to 45 minutes later and not to spend a ton of money doing so? The idea of Unplug Meditation was born.

Unplug Meditation on Wilshire Boulevard is Suze’s brainchild of a modern meditation studio, both in concept and décor. She geared it toward type A people like bankers, lawyers and busy moms who don’t go for all the deep kumbaya Buddha-type mantras and just want a spot to come and unplug for whatever time they have. She wanted to make it powerful and accessible. Plus she designed Unplug to be an inviting place where she would want to come. The chic and spa-like atmosphere is minimalist in design with several rooms spread with comfy black body cushions. The user-friendly techniques taught by top instructors from around the world, who typically sit at the front of the room on a white box flanked on either side by a Tibetan singing bowl, candles and a simple vase of monochromatic flowers, are presented in 45 minutes or less and cost $20 per session.

People can literally drop in for one or more of 30 classes a week at the studio, arrange for Skype sessions or browse through online videos. Private sessions and corporate programs can be arranged as well. And since one size meditation does not fit all—classes can be subject specific depending on the light you are trying to achieve, from deleting stress to improving focus, relaxing, rejuvenating, recharging, feeling gratitude and more.

That’s a lot to choose from but instead of being overwhelmed by the choices, just breathe.

For more information on Unplug Meditation, visit unplugmeditation.com or call 310.826.8899.

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