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When planning your next trip, look to the next generation of experts, travel vloggers and travel bloggers. Know what travel bloggers to follow that have paved the way for your plans.

Firstly, you might want Michelin-star dining or prefer to rough it on Everest. Second, others might want a seaside escape. Others, cobwebs and catacombs. Fortunately, trip planning has never been as simple and thorough as it is today. Certainly now there are travel bloggers to follow who provide key resources for wanderlust. The modern traveler will find there is a travel blogger to follow to suit every travel desire. Therefore, we’ve curated a list of favorites that are nothing short of inspiring. Read on for suggestions for the adventure seekers and daydreamers alike.

1. Food Travelers

GIRL EAT WORLD / Instagram @girleatworld, 388K followers

She goes from fish sticks at the Sydney Opera House to dumplings at the Great Wall of China and beyond. Food and travel blogger Melissa Hie, on her blog Girl Eat World, documents exotic eats in iconic places around the globe. Consequently her blog has been featured in spots like The Huffington Post, Conde Nast Traveler, Vogue and Lonely Planet.

MIGRATIONOLOGY / Instagram @migrationology, 829K followers

With the inspiring motto “I travel for food,” Mark Wiens has captured millions of viewers on his travel vlog, Migrationology. His culinary adventures span from mouthwatering to downright wacky. Think a massive octopus in Korea or Brazil’s “liquid meat.”

2. Solo Female Travelers

DAME TRAVELER / Instagram @dametraveler, 562K followers and @natasiaspassport, 109K followers

She was raised in a strict Chaldean-Middle Eastern home where women were expected to marry and stay put. Full-time traveler Natasia Yakoub not only broke the mold but inspires thousands of others to do the same. Likwise her blog features the best trips and tips for globe-trotting ladies.

SHE EXPLORES / Instagram @she_explores, 167K followers

Focused on human stories, She Explores shares accounts of “inquisitive women in the outdoors, on the road, and besides.” Even more, the She Explores team released a book and produces a podcast called “Women on the Road.”

3. Couple Travelers

CREATIVE TRAVEL COUPLES / Instagram @creativetravelcouples, 296K followers

A booming success and they’re barely a year old. Creative Travel Couples has captured a global core of travel lovers looking to explore the planet hand-in-hand.

THE CROWDED PLANET / Instagram @the_crowded_planet, 52.8K followers

One a writer and one a photographer, travel couple Margherita Ragg and Nick Burns tag team their blog, The Crowded Planet. The couple has been adventuring together for more than 15 years and began their blog in 2014.

4. Family Travel

THE BUCKET LIST FAMILY / Instagram @thebucketlistfamily, 1.8M followers

First the patriarch of the Gee family (Garrett) sold an iPhone app to Snapchat. Then he and his wife sold everything else in 2015 to travel the world with their (now three) kids. They have become popular travel journalists, documenting it all on social media, their blog and their popular YouTube channel.

WANDERLUST STORYTELLERS Instagram @wanderluststorytellers, 52.1K followers

This is the ongoing story of another family who decided to pack it in. They transitioned from home and neighborhood to life with their three kids as travel journalists. On their site and social media platforms they share where they’ve been, from continents to countries. Even more, tips for planning a stress-free family trip that’s budget-friendly.

5. Extreme Travel

UNCHARTERED BACKPACKER / Instagram @uncharteredbackpacker, 7K followers

Blogger Stephen Gollan knows the true meaning of the phrase “off the beaten path.” Over the past 11 years, his travels have led him to more than 90 countries and counting. While with journeys to places like the arctic, Chernobyl and Papua New Guinea, Stephen is hardly one to shy from extremes.

EXPERT VAGABOND / Instagram @expertvagabond, 151K followers

For nine years, adventure blogger Matthew Karsten has been exploring the world full-time. His travels range from the polar regions to the middle east, with an emphasis on intense adventure. Probably why the first photo of Matthew on his blog shows him chomping on the pincers of a scorpion.

6. Sustainable Travel

DIRTBAG DARLING / Instagram @dirtbagdarling, 56.3K followers

Journalist, environmentalist and rock climbin’ surfer gal, Johnie Gall documents her outdoor adventures. In addition, she features other travel junkies too. Further, her blog merges three passions: writing, adventure and sustainability. She aims to “inspire people to care about the planet and activate a new generation of advocates.”

GREEN GLOBAL TRAVEL / Instagram @green_global_travel, 54.6K followers

Run by eco-friendly travel gurus Bret Love and Mary Gabbett, Green Global Travel shares “transformative travel experiences that make a positive impact.” Hence, for nearly 10 years, the couple has created travel guides with a sustainable lens. Most noteworthy, they’ve trekked to mountain gorillas in Rwanda and camped with Bedouins in Jordan desserts.

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