Top Tips for Styling Kitchen Cabinets

Glass-front kitchen cabinets are super on-trend, but only when they are set up just so. Here, top tips for styling kitchen cabinets into dapper showcases for everyday kitchen wares.

Glass-front kitchen cabinets are a wonderful opportunity to display favorite dishes or collections. But they also present a styling challenge to keep them from looking cluttered or messy. Success comes from the ideal combination of color, order and form. To help you achieve the perfect look, we are sharing just how to do it. To start, there are three pro-styling tips. In addition,  a series of inspiration photos illustrate top tips for styling kitchen cabinets. The result, shelves that are not only functional but also photo-worthy.

Decide on a Color Palette when Styling Kitchen Cabinets

The first top tip for styling cabinets is picking a color palette that is complementary to the kitchen. Keep in mind that anything on display will impact the overall look of the space.

A white kitchen presents differently when paired with a display of brightly colored dishes than it does with neutral pieces. For dark cabinets, add light colored pieces to create contrast. Metal bowls or pitchers bring on shine and sparkle.

Whatever your final color decision, it is best to limit the range to keep the palette simple. Maybe even consider using all one color and adding accent hues.

Create Balance

Attention to the size and balance of items in glass-front cabinets is key. Too many large items on one side or a collection of several small items appears off-balance or disorganized. The solution? Use a combination of larger pieces mixed with clusters of smaller ones or utilitarian objects like cookbooks.

Think in two columns and look for diagonal balance between large and small pieces. Stacks of plates look pretty piled up side-by-side and a few cookbooks set beneath a short canister add height and interest. Oversized pitchers and a soup tureen placed opposite each other, on a diagonal, help create just the right balance of large and small in one space.

Keep Glass Front Cabinets Functional

Beautifully styled glass cabinets are a noble design goal, but these everyday go-tos also need to be practical. Unless only decorative pieces are housed there, glass cabinet landscapes will shift as dishes are used and put back.

The best way to achieve both charm and purpose? Style upper shelves with less used or for- show-only pieces. Keep regularly rotated dishes and glasses on easily accessed lower shelves. A quick tidy up, when needed, of the lower shelves is all that’s required to refresh the look—and keep your kitchen display worthy of its wares all year long.

Make Seasonal Changes

It’s simple to add seasonal accents to glass cabinets with just a few updates. Touches of blush pink or soft pastels are perfect for spring and summer. Copper and other metals can signal a shift to cooler months. Seasonal greenery like small faux plants or succulents is another tip to create a seasonal look. All of this without making a significant change to a color palette.

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