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We’ve been told to stay at home during various stages of the COVID-19 pandemic. But that doesn’t necessarily mean we’ve stayed on the sofa. Instead, the closures of gyms and parks have brought a boom to the digital fitness industry. And fortunately, there’s no loss for amazing online resources. With the advantage of convenience, personalization and affordability, we imagine these apps will stay popular long after brick-and-mortar gyms reopen for good. Here are six top online workout programs designed to suit an array of personal fitness preferences.

Melissa Wood Health

This fitness and wellness guru is equal parts inspiration, motivation, healthy foodie and ah-mazing workout coach. Her method, the the MWH Method is true to its word, sculpting “beautiful long lean lines throughout your entire body using precise, low impact movements. But this practice isn’t just about building a body you desire; it’s about building a better, stronger relationship with yourself.” Check out her website for free, delicious and healthy recipes, her lifestyle blog and the cutest curated clothes collection. Plus sign up for fitness plans—some of our favorite top online workout ones. From pilates programs to full body workouts and spot area strength training, her monthly subscription is $9.99/month;

Peloton Digital Membership

While Peloton is best known for stationary cycling, you don’t necessarily need a home gym to enjoy the thousands of live and on-demand classes offered through the Peloton Digital Membership. Go at your own expertise and comfort level with a wide range of classes from strength training, to yoga, to outdoor running. $12.99/month;


Always wanted to dance, but intimidated by learning in front of others in a studio? STEEZY Studio is an at-your-own-pace online dance platform that teaches you dancing basics from the ground up. Learn choreography for multiple different styles taught by a variety of sought-after instructors. $20/month or $99/year;


Fitness in isolation doesn’t have to be antisocial, especially with the FitOn app. Users can join live workouts or organize their own sessions with friends.Create a personalized plan based on workout category, intensity and your fitness goals: No home gym required! $20/month or $120/year;

Yoga With Adriene

For experienced yogis or those rolling out their mats for the first time, Yoga With Adriene offers not only a great daily workout but a community built around well-being. Her program, Find What Feels Good Yoga, includes more than 700 yoga and meditation videos designed for all levels. Follow Adriene’s detailed calendar for your daily dose of exercise and mindfulness. $10/month or $100/year;

The Sculpt Society

Not everyone likens “exercise” to “fun”—that is until they’ve tried Megan Roup’s approach to dance-based fitness. With minimal equipment required (hand weights, resistance bands, sliders and ankle weights), The Sculpt Society sequences each class so you are continually progressing. The goal is to not only build strength but also confidence: You’ll feel the burn while also feeling the beat! $20/month or $120/year;

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