Tips For Healthy Holiday Eating

This time of year is brimming with holiday spirt, shopping, parties, travel. And a host of menus make veering off healthy habits way too tempting. That’s not to say taking part in celebrations should be off limits. Still it’s best to keep in mind basic tactics and tips for healthy holiday eating to help maintain overall nutrition and wellness. This is especially key so that gearing back up after the new year is seamless. Enjoy yourself at holiday gatherings and when trying new restaurants if far and away. Just remember key wellness points so you don’t have to undo all the bad to get back to a good and healthy place. Here top tips for healthy holiday eating.

Stay hydrated!

When shopping and running errands, make sure to carry water everywhere and sip often. Fatigue and hunger may be signs of dehydration, so don’t wait to be thirsty to drink. To gauge the right amount, figure it’s best that daily water intake be at least 64 ounces.

Sleep well

A good night’s rest is underrated, especially for those on a weight loss journey. Seven to eight hours of sleep for adults is essential for those trying to shed pounds. The right amount of sleep helps with sugar cravings and portion control.

Choose carbs carefully

Limit alcohol and refined carbohydrates such as white breads, cookies, cakes and muffins that set up for future cravings at yet another holiday get-together and wreak havoc with your blood sugar. Try to eat healthy fats and proteins in most meals to keep your blood-sugar level stable throughout the day. Remember, healthy fats don’t add the pounds, but sugar from refined carbs do!

Exercise regularly

Exercise is key for a healthy metabolism, heart, stress level and more. Exercise doesn’t make up for bad eating habits however, so don’t overdo the cake just because of time spent on the treadmill that morning. It’s important to make exercise a lifestyle, so bring workout clothes when traveling. Many hotels have gyms, or there’s typically a place to go for a brisk walk or run.

Plan Ahead

When traveling, plan snacks ahead. Bring healthy snacks and water for the car or plane and make sure to have more set aside for lodging and on the go. Nuts and healthy bars are always good options. And when dependent on restaurant menus for every meal, eating frequent small meals throughout the day will decrease overeating at meals. Avoid bread baskets and replace with a healthy salad to start a meal.


Shellee Dyne is a certified nutritionist and wellness expert. Learn more about Shellee and her practice at

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