The Suite Way to Fly

JetSuiteX Makes the Private Jet Experience Accessible

The idea of flying is often a mixed bag. There is stress about packing—what we are allowed to take and not—schedules and timing, lines, ever-changing TSA rules, overhead compartment space, baggage claim delays and more. On the flip side, there’s the light at the end of the veritable tunnel in the form of ski slopes, beaches, bustling cities…well, you get it. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could avoid all the hassles and deal only with the pleasantries? Yes, there is such an option in the form of private jets, but that doesn’t necessarily make financial sense to most and certainly not all of the time.

Well, now there’s a brand new notion that combines the convenience of private jet flying without the high price tag. “It’s the private jet experience at commercial airline costs,” explains JetSuiteX CEO Alex Wilcox.

“JetSuiteX is for people who value their time. We wanted to build an airline that we wanted to fly. An amazing traveler experience,” says Wilcox.

JetSuiteX is the new arm of JetSuite private aviation—geared to travelers who are looking for the private experience but not the price as fares are in keeping with most commercial airlines. JetSuiteX has 30-seat planes that depart from the private hangars at Burbank airport. So you drive up (30 minutes pre boarding time), get out of your car (hand keys to valet), check in, sit in the comfortable lounge (complete with complimentary drinks and snacks), and then board the plane a few minutes before take off. Bonus? You land at the private jet area of airports as well, so your ride to your destination can pick you up right there and bring you curbside when you’re ready to go home.

While on board—and for now that’s not too long of a time as most flights are quick jaunts to Las Vegas, Concord, the Bay Area and Sacramento and both Mammoth and the longer haul to Bozeman Montana during ski season—there is full beverage and snack service plus outlets on each side of the double seat rows. “Right now our flights will stay local [with the exception of Bozeman]. We also offer the plane for charter flights, such as for YPO chapter getaways,” explains Wilcox. For the 30 seats, costs to charter run $6,000 per hour.

On a recent flight to Las Vegas, as comfortable as it was, we hardly had time to settle in to enjoy it. Once we reached cruising altitude (pretty much over the stretch of I-15 that otherwise would have taken four plus hours to drive), the pilot informed us we would be beginning our descent in a mere 25 minutes. So a catnap or a quick couple of magazine articles would be pretty much it. That was perfectly fine with us. We sat back, relaxed and enjoyed the light quickly streaming through the end of that veritable tunnel.

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