The Pure Project

ELI KASPI COMES FROM A FAMILY OF BUILDERS. He remembers,“I was always fascinated with building things. I grew up around carpenters, builders, electricians and plumbers. I loved seeing the process and how it all would come together phase after phase.” Kaspi opened Pure Builders Inc. in 1993. It has grown continuously for over 20 years. Here, the story behind the Pure Project, as we like to call it.

The concept

From the very onset of the business, Kaspi knew that he was going to be much more than a contractor. As he sees it, “A contractor oversees the building of the project. Its ownership to the project is limited to schedule and to what is provided to him/her by his clients. “In contrast,” he notes, “a design firm is limited to designing the project.” Kaspi saw the wisdom in connecting these two functions, even though it was not the way most of his competitors operated. He would go on to call his business a “design/build firm.” He clarifies, “A design/build firm embraces all of the facets of the project. Everything is done hand-in-hand from concept to creation, managed by a single entity.

The customer

As a result, Pure Builders Inc. team members include in-house architects, designers, and permit and zoning specialists. All of whom expedite the planning and building process from start to finish. Kaspi explains, “We provide our clientele with lifelong relationships and we are always accountable for the work. I consider my Pure Builders team to be an extension of my family. In fact, I consider my customers my extended family! They are an essential and integral part of the process from day one. I have serviced thousands of clients over the last 20 years. I am proud so many have remained friends and repeat customers.”

All in one

In addition, all projects could benefit from a design/build firm. Just one entity bears the sole responsibility for both the design and construction of a project. This type of firm meets the growing needs of property owners who wish to reduce costs, compress delivery times and enhance the quality of the construction project. Further, it is characterized by a high degree of collaboration among design and construction professionals.

Kaspi continues, “I am proud of every single project Pure Builders has done, both big and small. All our projects are carefully planned and executed with the heart and mind of the team. We have one goal, and that is to excel in what we do. As we say at Pure Builders, ‘Excellence is our Business.’” Of course, every project runs into unexpected issues and Kaspi is fond of saying, “There are no problems, only solutions, and together we can find the best answers.”

What to consider

Kaspi encourages clients to consider two fundamental aspects of the project before hiring a design/build firm:

1. Whether building or remodeling a house, consider big-picture budget issues first. The investment needs to make sense as far as comparable homes in the area (comps). “Overbuilding” for the neighborhood is a common mistake. Clients may love their project, but it can be difficult to get a return on the investment if project costs are unsupported by area comps.

2. Consider plans for the future. How long you plan to stay in the house. If you plan for a growing family or for the children to move out. If you plan on parents or in-laws moving in, etc.

One-stop shop

Pure Builders takes all these variables into consideration. They go back and forth with design, budget and city permits, making sure it is all aligned from the planning stages.

If needed, the project is broken down into stages. Kaspi concludes, “We help with making the right decisions, so everything is done in the right order. Our goal at Pure Builders with each project, whether a new build or a remodel, is to provide an end product far surpassing the expectations of our clientele. As a father of two sons and a long time Calabasas resident, I put myself into the shoes of every client wanting to create a space that resonates with who they are and how they live. I consider the project from every angle, so it enhances the client’s perspective. Imagine how easy it is having all the services, starting with a network of architects, designers, permit and zoning specialists, construction vendors and all suppliers under one roof. With Pure Builders, it truly is a one-stop shop.”

Above all, the company’s reviews from clients include raves for all. The quality of the workmanship, superior budget management and honesty and often note that the project was “stress-free.” An ideal definition for a “pure” builder.

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