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Arianna Thomopolous, founder of The Modern Day Girlfriend, partners with The Knot to share wedding inspiration.

Arianna Thomopolous’ blog, The Modern Day Girlfriend, has been a go-to for any advice that a sister out there might need: friendship, fashion, careers and, of course, romance. From pet-friendly travel to online dating hacks, Arianna’s been the girl with the answers. So, when she announced her engagement in December, she got a new topic to enlighten us on—wedding planning!—which, until now, has been unchartered territory for the 21st-century love expert.

Naturally, the way Arianna met her husband-to-be was something pulled out of Love Actually: she spotted him outside of their college library and “got the wind kicked out of [her].” He was a senior; she was a freshman. They didn’t meet then. “You know when you meet somebody, and they just make an impact on you?” Arianna asked. “And you realize it’s a memory you have, and you don’t know why it’s captured?”

Well, here’s why: ten years later at a college reunion, she spotted him standing in practically the same spot on campus. “I was just like, ‘He’s my person,’” she remarked. After building up the courage to talk to one another (and with a little help from her friends), Arianna and her future husband spent the entire evening chatting. The rest, as they say, is history.

“When I met him, I was like, ‘I’m going to die alone with my dog and a bottle of wine on my couch, and I’m totally fine with that,’” Arianna said. “I was like, ‘My life is complete. I’m okay by myself. I got this,’ and he came into my life and complemented me in such a wonderful way.”

Arianna’s advice (always on point, by the way) for those searching for love: “you don’t want somebody to complete your life; you want somebody to complement it.” Her wisdom doesn’t end there. After announcing her engagement, Arianna partnered up with The Knot, a wedding planning app/website essential for every modern-day bride-to-be. She’ll be sharing her wedding planning tips throughout her journey.

“They have a great app on your phone and your laptop, and it helps keep everything organized,” Arianna says. And by everything, she means everything. For instance, The Knot categorizes your guest list into households, singles and couples, and keeps track of sent invitations and RSVPs.

“There’s a place to save your dress inspiration, your venues, all the vendors,” Arianna shares. The website also features The Knot Shop, which has “great gifts to give your wedding party [and] things like that.”

For Arianna, wedding planning has been one of her dreams since childhood. “When I was younger, I wanted to be [Veronica Mars],” she says. “I wanted to be a wedding-planner-FBI-hidden-agent. Wedding planning and events have always been something that have sparked my interest.”

Arianna, who was gearing up for wedding dress shopping at the time of the interview, said that planning was so far, so good. “Everyone says the beginning of wedding planning is great; it’s when it’s three months out or four months out [that it’s crazy],” Arianna claims. “So check back in four months to my wedding. I’ll probably be pulling out my hair.”

While still in the early stages, Arianna has gleaned some good advice for brides-to-be. “A couple of things,” she begins. “Take everybody’s quote-on-quote advice with a grain of salt.” Arianna says the important thing is that you do what’s right for you and what’s really going to make you feel like a beautiful bride.

Secondly, she suggests focusing on choosing the right people for your bridal party. “Really figure out if those people are ‘right now’ friends, or [if] they’ve been friends for a really long time. Create your day with the people that you love, and not just to have it be Instagram-worthy or for a party.”

Her third suggestion came from her best friend, regarding the registry. “She said pick one or two places and stick to that, because some people are going to detour from the registry and get you their own thing.” By choosing just a couple of stores, it’s easier to exchange duplicate items for something else on your list.

Our suggestion for you? Keep up with Arianna’s wedding planning process on her blog,, and on Instagram, @themoderndaygirlfriend. We’re looking forward to seeing this love guru tie the knot, as well as learning her advice for us along the way.


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