The Majesty of Mysore, India

Shopping, culture and some of the most exquisite palaces create the majesty of Mysore, India

Ancient ruins, uncharted jungles and opulent palaces. All necessary pieces of a classic “Indiana Jones” film—or perhaps your next vacay. Known as one of the most fab states to explore, Karnataka, India has something for every traveler. The international hot spot of Bangalore is ideal for shoppers. Most travelers fly in here—the ritzy airport alone is worth the trip. In Hampi, history buffs whip out the cargo shorts and trowels to explore countless archaic temples. And for the wellness inclined: Treks and yoga retreats abound in the state’s luxurious green foothills.

One of the most precious jewels of Karnataka is the city and the majesty of Mysore, India. Mysore is famous for its palaces, temples, yoga and cuisine. Further, it is one of the cleanest and most tourist-friendly cities in India. While the local language is Kannada (pronounced like Canada), most people speak English. The best time to visit Mysore, a three hour trip from Bangalore, is between November and February. For the reason that the rains are over and the weather is lovely. Mysore encapsulates all the experiences to be had in the rich state. First of all there is nature and history, then shopping and beyond.

The musts of Mysore

Must see

First and foremost, visit the Mysore Palace in the city center. The palace is still occupied by royalty, is exquisite and meticulously maintained. On Sunday evenings, enjoy live classical Indian music in the gardens and a free fantastical light show.

Must stay

There are gorgeous five-star hotels in the city, such as the Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel Mysore and The Royal Orchid Metropole. The hotels can arrange all the details for your visit, from cars to tour guides. Even if you don’t stay in one of these spots, stop by to try the fabulous cuisine.

Must eat

The strong and sweet flavor of South Indian coffee merits mention. South Indian food also differs from Americanized Indian food. Two essential eat and repeat dishes are masala dosas (large, crispy “crepes” filled with masala potatoes) and idli (white rice patties). Both pair with chutney and sambar. Hotel Pai Vista in central Mysore has two restaurants with a mix of northern and southern Indian cuisines. Plus, the ambience is as exciting as the food. Gufha Restaurant is cave-themed and Andhra Ruchulu’s decor captures the rich jungles of India.

Must buy

Mysore is famous for its sandalwood products, essential oils and silk. One well-reputed store is Cauvery Handicrafts on Sayyaji Rao Road, Mysore’s main shopping street. Here you can discover a plethora of unique gifts to bring home.

Travel Tips


  • UberAuto

In Mysore, don’t worry about arranging cab rides. UberAuto is crazy affordable, getting you around the city for 25 rupees, or 40 cents. Likewise it’s fun to take a ride in an iconic black-and-yellow three wheeler.

  • Bottled water

Ignore your inner environmentalist while traveling anywhere in India–bottled water is safest. Therefore, look for brands such as Bisleri and Kinley to stay hydrated.

  • Mosquito repellent

The mosquito population in Karnataka isn’t as intense as other spots in the country. Still, it’s better to be more prepared than not in order to avoid mosquito-borne illnesses so far from home. Hence, if you left home without, look the common brand Odomo available at most pharmacies.

  • JioFi Portable 4G

You never truly appreciate the Internet until you don’t have it. Probably true even for those who think that a trip across the world is meant to be enjoyed unplugged. Fortunately, portable 4G hotspots and Internet plans at $35 for 28 days can be purchased at any Jio store in India. These stores are on every corner and won’t be hard to find.


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