Thanksgiving Centerpiece

A festive Thanksgiving centerpiece is one that marries the beauty of autumnal colors with nature and the harvest of the season. Here, our entertaining editor and founder of soon-to-be launched flower brand Bouquet Box, How2Girl Courtney Sixx, shows us how. She uses red, orange and peach roses along with lush green antique hydrangeas. She complements these with crisp fall leaves and small apples set on skewers.

Set up and ingredients

To create, Courtney prepped a footed bowl with floral foam soaked in water and cut to fit into bowl.

For this arrangement you will need:

6 antique green hydrangeas

12 each red, orange and peach roses

3 Macintosh apples

3 wooden skewers

Fall leaves (collect from your backyard or look for online or at any crafts store)

How-to instructions

  1. First, arrange 4 hydrangeas around lip of bowl.
  2. Then arrange 6 red roses on one side of the arrangement, between two hydrangeas, color blocking together. Turn the arrangement so that the roses are facing away from you and place the remaining 6 roses on the other side, in the same way.
  3. Next, arrange the orange roses above the red roses on both sides.
  4. And then, arrange 4 peach roses toward the top of the arrangement on both sides. Arrange 2 peach on each side of the hydrangeas flanking the red roses (on the opposite side of red roses).
  5. Skewer apples and arrange by roses, near but not at top center of arrangement. Spread apples out among arrangement.
  6. Arrange remaining 2 hydrangeas on side of arrangements, spread out and above and to the side of red roses.
  7. Disperse fall leaves throughout arrangement, leaving a few taller leaves to arrange in top center.

Now it’s just time to find your recipes to plate with your Thanksgiving Centerpiece. Enjoy!


Photograph by Joey Carman Photography and on Instagram.


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