Ten Unique Vase Ideas

It’s the perfect time of year to snip from a cutting garden or purchase flowers at the market to arrange. Instead of reaching for the ubiquitous glass vase or ceramic container, think outside the box (or vase, in this case) and go for one of these inspired vessels for an arrangement instead. Check your shelves and cabinets for similar pieces you already own, whether vintage, second-hand or antique shop finds. Find them at retailers or keep an eye out next time you’re thrifting.

Vintage Champagne Bucket

Vintage silver pieces glam up any spot and elevate the look of an arrangement. Champagne buckets are tall and deep so can easily accommodate elegant long- stemmed blooms.

Black Cement Urn

This type of urn is more likely to be used for potted plants in the backyard as opposed to indoor displays. Don’t be surprised, though, if you repurpose yours and it becomes a favorite “vase” for any season.

Old Bucket

A dented old copper bucket does not organically come to mind for a table centerpiece, but sometimes it is just what’s needed, especially for a rustic setting with other copper details. Same holds true for a wooden bucket, especially when paired with garden roses and eucalyptus. A watertight vase placed inside the bucket keeps flowers fresh.

Enamelware Coffee Pot

You can often find vintage coffee pots like this in second-hand stores.  They are ideal for arranging greens and wildflowers and the size works well for a kitchen center island or dining table.

Clay Pots

These garden workhorses are not traditionally used for fresh flower arrangements, but why not? Clay pots instantly give an arrangement a fresh-from- the-garden feel.

Tin Cans

Looking for just the right container for a country arrangement? Take the tin can from last night’s dinner and remove the label. Voila.

Boxed Bottles

This is one of the easiest centerpieces ever. Just grab a few flowers and put them right in. It’s rustic, charming and pretty— be prepared for admiring comments.


Water pitchers are so pretty in their simplicity and are the perfect vessel for an easy arrangement in any season.

Mercury Glass Box

Consider moving away from traditional round containers and explore different shapes. Pretty mercury glass containers that held candles in the past need only the addition of chicken wire inside to become the perfect vessel for an elegant arrangement.

Fishing Creels

These versatile pieces work well for a variety of flowers. Place mason jars in basket to hold water; secure jars or prop them up with crumpled butcher paper. Set on a table or hang on a door or wall.

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