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From one of our favorite lifestyle bloggers, Kate Peris of KHAOS by Kate Peris, who recently shared her top tips for spring beauty.

Spring beauty days

Did you know that it was just officially the first day of spring? This time of year may be metaphoric and more meaningful than any spring before. The trees are in amazing bloom, the birds are singing more than ever and the rain foreshadows even more beauty to come. It is time for a change and renewal that we are likely all ready for. Something that I have always embraced in the home and in my life is the changing of the seasons. Spring is the perfect time for deep cleaning, bringing in new throw pillows, brighter florals and refreshing everything in your environment. In regards to beauty and fashion, I start looking forward to the warmer months ahead therefore motivating me to put greater care into my skin and spring beauty routine. Shorts, tank tops and bathing suits….bring them on!


When it comes to skin, new insights are constantly helping us maintain a youthful texture—a key component of spring beauty. Much of it starts in the shower.


I have used these gloves for as long as I can remember. What I love is it that they last forever and always stay sanitary.  Gentle enough to use at every wash, I put my body wash onto the glove and scrub away. ( P.S. Everyone in my family uses and loves.)

Supracor Stimulite Honeycomb Bath Mitt In Magenta


I love a good go-to glove for deep exfoliating. I use once a week and before applying self-tanner. Affordable, strong and a global bestseller.


Retinol has been the gold standard in facial care for as long as I can remember.  Dermatologists are now highly recommending it for the entire body. Retinol is a derivative of vitamin A that helps reduce the signs of aging.  Body treatments and lotions with retinol are a lower strength than what is typically used for the face.

Hemp Oil Retinol


Last year, I discovered Moroccan Oil Body Serum. After a shower, I use it as a treatment prior to lotion and it is a match made in heaven! You are going to be touching your arms constantly, like I do, in awe of how soft they are!

MoroccanOil Body Serum


I’m also including my favorite lotion, it isn’t fancy but it is the real deal. I have used it for years, am always trying something new, yet nothing holds up to Genes. Deeply conditioning and non greasy.  If you prefer a perfumed option, the Brazilian Bum Bum is incredible.

Genes Vitamin E Creme
Brazilian Bum Bum Cream

As for your beautiful face, now is the time to invest in a facial.  Professionals recommend this service once a month and I can personally tell you, as a skeptic, it makes such a difference. Your texture and pores will improve and it is so important in preventing the signs of aging. With the makeup trends of spring/summer being all about minimalism and clean skin, it’s time to get those appointments booked.


From head to toes—there are still a few months left before sandal weather to get rid of those cracked heels and calluses. Yes, people DO notice.

BABY FOOT EXFOLIATION FOOT PEEL – Just do it, you will thank me. (Bonus: if you are a picker, you are going to looove this on day three.)

Baby Foot Exfoliation Foot Peel

IN SHOWER FOOT EXFOLIATOR – Use every day in the shower and it will maintain your “post Baby Foot.” Once out of the shower, apply lotion.

ALOE VERA MOISTURE SOCKS – Another wonderful way to maintain your beautiful foot, sleep in these aloe infused socks. Use once a week or as needed. I tend to get hot sleeping in a full sock, so I actually use the half sock version for sleeping.

Aloe Vera Therapeutic Socks


If I could go back to my twenty-year-old self, I would be sure to take care of the skin on my hands. Our hands never get a break whether working or receiving constant sun exposure day after day.

DEBORAH LIPPMAN MARSHMALLOW EXFOLIANT CREAM I was gifted this from my cousin and I cannot believe how it transforms my hands when I use it. So luxurious and one of the greatest products I have been introduced to. I use two times a week and follow up with my lotion recommendations above.

Deborah Lippman Marshmallow Whipped Hand Scrub


This is my favorite sunscreen for the face, hands and body.  I keep one in the car and reapply throughout the day without fail.

Paula’s Choice sunscreen

Nail color

Lastly, I hope to inspire you to start to wear brighter colors for your nails. While the trends are nudes, French manicures and the usual toned-down spring colors, I challenge you to try something new, like these few favorites colors.

Essie Bikini So Teeny
Essie Cascade Cool

Kate Peris is a lifestyle blogger specializing in fashion, beauty, home and spirits. She is also a fashion and celebrity stylist. Most of all, she is inspired to create all that is beautiful. Check her out at KHAOS by Kate Peris and on Instagram.

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