Quarantine Wardrobe vol. I

Being holed up at home is the perfect time to do what all of us have always wanted to do. Revamp our wardrobe. That could mean a full-out online shopping spree or DIY-refreshing what you’ve got. Our new series, Trending Tuesday: Quarantine Wardrobe will help achieve just that. Here, Quarantine Wardrobe vol. I—Sweatsuits.

For our first post, we’re talking about a somewhat new trend (and one that was made even more popular by quarantine). Sweatsuits! In Quarantine Wardrobe vol. I, we show you how to throw a matching set together or wear just the pants with a cute tank. Sweatsuits are a great addition to a growing wardrobe. Especially when spending all day at home, but still want to look cute and fresh.

First off, if online shopping is keeping you sane, here are a few brands we are loving right now:


Created to raise awareness about mental health and encourage optimism. This Los Angeles based brand, known for their fast-selling limited-edition items, is becoming increasingly popular. Most items are made of terry cloth, making them feel heavier and more luxurious. Their latest (sold out) release was a partnership with beloved community spot, The Apple Pan. Stay tuned for upcoming limited editions or shop their classics on their site.


Aviator Nation

Created in Venice in 2006, this brand gives us major 70s surfer feels. Intentionally distressed, these pieces are full of color and made to age gracefully. The soft material is perfect to feel good in quarantine or, when we are out, for a beach day or a stroll on Abbot Kinney.


SET Active

Los Angeles based athleisure brand SET Active is an up-and-coming line endorsed by all of our favorite influencers. Not only do they sell sweatsuits, but also matching leggings and sports bras. Basic sets in unique colors and flattering fits are the key to completing a monochrome outfit while still maintaining that comfortable effortless look. They just released a new color, Rain, a beautiful blue toned slate color.


DIY Sweatsuits

For a fun activity while hanging at home, search out sweats you’ve got in your closet. Then take on this Tie Dye DIY to absolutely transform them.

Either dye a white sweatsuit, or bleach dye a black (or dark one) sweatsuit.

For this activity you need:

Rit Dye
color variety (available at JoAnn’s. They are offering curbside pickup during quarantine which proved to be super easy)

Plastic squeeze bottle (we used these from JoAnn’s)

Warm water

Rubber bands

Spray bottle

Plastic tub (or covering to protect work surface)

Sweat suit (or sweat shirt or pants)

To make dye

  1. Choose your colors
  2. Fill a squirt bottle with two capfuls of dye. Fill to the top with warm water. For darker, more saturated tones, add more dye. For a pastel color, add a few drops to one capful of dye and mostly water.

To Tie Dye

  1. For a random pattern, take handfuls of fabric, bunch and secure with rubber band. Continue all over garment, randomly bunching (size and spots) and securing as you go. There is no right way to bunch.
  2. For a swirl design, follow this technique: Lay garment flat on work surface. Pinch center of fabric lift up slightly and twist in a clockwise direction. Continue twisting creating circular pattern with fabric until most of fabric is coiled. Secure ends in and coil in place with rubber bands.
  3. Using a spray bottle filled with warm water, spray garments until saturated with warm water.
  4. Pour dye over garment. If using multiple colors, be sure to soak up any pooled color before switching to next. If not, the resulting color will be brown. Not cute!
  5. Let sit for one hour and remove rubber bands.
  6. Let colors set at least 24 hours, preferably outdoors.
  7. Wash garments alone in cold water, dry and enjoy!

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