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Given this pandemic, we all have a lot of time and our hands. While we are wishing we could be out there seeing friends, working, supporting businesses, it’s just not productive right now. But what is, is taking care of at-home projects that need tending to. Like organizing the closet. It seems like many of us live with closet space that is the ultimate “before” photo, especially in the bedroom. Maybe it’s overflowing with items or just a product of disorderly spaces. Either way, there are easy-to-maintain tips to help with organzing the closet, making it efficient and fun to look at.

Let Go of Anything You Haven’t Worn in a Year or More

The first step is to purge anything that you no longer need or want. A good marker? Letting go of anything that has not been worn in a year or more. It’s important in this stage to be realistic about what you will actually wear. Think about doing this purge while wearing a bathrobe so you can easily try on items to see how they fit and whether you actually like them.

Next, Organize Hanging Clothes

The next step is to hang clothing that needs to stay wrinkle-free or that you wear often so that the pieces are easy to see and accessible. Organize these by color and type. This not only makes it easy to find what you are looking for, but also simple to put clothes away. Use double rods when possible to increase hanging space and velvet covered hangers that prevent clothes from slipping.

Store Sweaters in See-Through Boxes

Prevent unruly piles and moth holes by storing sweaters in boxes. Use standard plastic ones or fancier versions, like linen-covered, drop front boxes. These are also ideal storage for top shelves during the summer season.; $30.

Sort Shoes by Color and Style

Like hanging clothes, shoes should also be organized by style and color. Take advantage of adjustable shelves or put shoes under hanging clothes or use a shoe organizer to sort by style and color.

Use Organizers Inside Drawers

Drawers are often the messiest place in a closet so introduce drawer organizers. They are total game changers in keeping drawers neat and tidy. Like hanging clothes, this system not only makes it simple to find items, but also easy to put clean laundry away in an orderly way.

Keep Accessories Handy

If you use the same handbag for several weeks or months before changing it, put other handbags on upper shelves where they are less accessible but easy to see and dust free. Use a simple hook rack to hang belts, keeping them handy and easy to see.

Extra Storage Space

Store summer t-shirts in baskets inside a cabinet during the winter months, then switch out for sweaters when the weather warms up.

If there’s space, use a small table to organize jewelry, like earrings, bracelets and rings. For necklaces, hang a small hook rack on the inside of a cabinet. A bench in the closet to sit and put on shoes or get undressed is a luxury. But if there’s space, it can also do double duty as a storage solution. It’s the perfect place for seasonal items like snow boots, beach bags and more.

Extra Advice

Use chalkboard paint to cover the inside of the cabinets and add inspirational quotes and words of encouragement to motivate you to keep the closet this way!

Karen Snyder, WLM Home Editor, is founder and owner of and is on Instagram @sanctuaryhomedecor.

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