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There are just some people who can walk into a space and imagine the possibilities. Those who with a stunning vision influenced by color, textures, global cultures and other details. Renowned LA-based designer Carole Carr is one of those talented individuals. Thankfully she is making her style available to all. Her recently launched online marketplace, Le Marché, is a curation of her favorite furniture and home decor pieces. And is indicative of her design sense and prowess. LeMarché is  the perfect place to find the right piece or pieces for yourself or for some holiday gift shopping.

Jacobsen side table, $4,87

About the designer

Growing up in Montreal Canada, Carr is of Lebanese heritage and moved to Los Angeles 10 years ago. It makes sense then, that her edited shopping destination is the perfect combination of her signature mix of California cool and European elegance. The curbed collection of the online marketplace, LeMarché will feature pieces from several international vendors as well as exceptional finds from her travels. In addition, there will be custom-designed pieces available only on the site.

Pastorius wall sconce, $1,920

Why LeMarché

Why an online site from this designer who stays quite busy with a long list of devoted clientele? Perhaps it’s being able to assist those who have a desire to style their own space by creating a landing place where they can find inspiration and pieces that match their aesthetic. “Online shopping can be overwhelming. There are almost too many options out there,” says Carr. “I wanted to create a personalized boutique that offers the same level of quality, expertise and taste that I bring to my own projects.”

Alessia sphere, $200

The Pieces

Savvy shoppers can find just the right mix on Le Marché. From tony velvet armchairs, marble side tables and quilted leather vanity stools to embroidered throw pillows, a woven raffia framed mirror and dynamic lighting. The selection is sublime. Perhaps what catches the eye in some cases is the mix of materials that are equally clever as they are chic. There’s statement tables made from smoky glass and shiny brass. To decor accessories such as teak bowls with crushed glass and more. “I love contrast and juxtaposition—mixed materials, such as metals, stones and wood, or a combination of man-made and natural elements in one piece,” Carole says. “Everything found on Le Marché reflects my specific point-of-view and was chosen with love.”

Well, we love it too.




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