Modern Home Build in a Traditional Neighborhood

A family’s contemporary take on a home renovation fits right in to its traditional neighborhood

Most residents of Westlake Village describe their peaceful suburban haven in one adjective: traditional. It’s an apt description for both the family vibe of the town as well as the architecture. The homes here are indeed traditional by Southern California standards. Spanish and Mediterranean style, with the occasional Cape Cod and English Tudor. It was one of the English Tudor homes that caught the eye of the young Choroomi family. Only it wouldn’t be English Tudor for long. Read on to find out all about the fit of this modern home build in a traditional neighborhood.

The Choroomis, relocating from Agoura Hills to Westlake Village, fell in love with the home’s cathedral ceilings and amazing views. But its traditional style didn’t match their modern aesthetic. Several architects said the house would be difficult to transform. But the Choroomis set about turning it into their vision of a minimalist masterpiece by themselves. They knew the could create a modern home build in a traditional neighborhood.

A modern influence

Pantea, who has a background in design and contemporary art, led the charge in the massive undertaking. Her goal was to suit the needs of her family-—husband Aaron and their children, Arya and Tara. One major change was the addition of a series of frameless, bi-folding glass doors. This change expanded the home’s already stunning view of the surrounding hills. To keep the home energy efficient, the family added solar panels that can be operated by their smart devices.

Remodel and design inspiration

Pantea drew inspiration from her European roots. She chose warm colors, textures and finishes to combat the coldness that often goes with a modern aesthetic. This includes a pearl backsplash, acrylic textured cabinetry, leather bar tiles, brass and wood accents, and custom metal curtains. On the other hand, bold choices like wide horizontal black and white striped walls and the sparkling emerald green crystal-encrusted mirror, gifted by Pantea’s parents that hangs over the fireplace in the living room, give the home a sense of whimsy.

Indoor/Outdoor Living

The furniture was custom built or purchased to create a connection between the home’s interior and the surrounding landscape. The exterior living space includes a meditation area canopied by one of the seven massive oak trees on the property. In addition there is an impressive rock pool and several conversation and lounge areas.

The New Normal

Curious neighbors were at first skeptical. How could a house with a stainless steel facade and massive entry doors fit with the local traditional architecture? Now they are in awe of the transformation that has nestled its way into their neighborhood and landscape.

As has the family who calls the space home. The warm glow of the sunset each evening serves as a reminder that the challenges they faced during the year-plus remodel were well worth it. Above all, by pushing the boundaries of creativity and design and embracing their own unique vision of a family-friendly, modern living space, the Choroomis have turned their vision for a family-friendly modern dream home into a reality.


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