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HD Buttercup is one of the early tenants of the hip downtown Los Angeles Arts District and is at the forefront of the movement toward modern luxury in the design field. Its mission —“To inspire you to go for the unexpected. Encourage you to get personal when you decorate. Dare you to be different. Give you everything you need to turn a house into a home”—reflects HD Buttercup’s dedication to both their discerning customers as well as the talented designers who create the high quality modern and vintage inspired pieces they house. Plus the spaces, both inside and out, as well as their holdings, are a veritable playground for those who want to be inspired and surrounded by art, architecture, furniture and more. Included in the mix are sculptor Michael Kalish and furniture designer Timothy Oulton, both of whose amazing work is favored by tastemakers worldwide.

Michael Kalish is best known for his massive publicly displayed sculptures but he has found a way for people to bring the message and experience of his latest work into their own homes. On the grander level, The Art of Finding Love is a series of nine large-scale (20 feet by 6 feet) interactive pieces. “You step back 40 feet and the word love comes into focus,” Michael explains. “To see children interacting with this and to see people taking photos inside of this is really profound.” One of the series of nine sculptures is presently traveling the country, so far accumulating two million messages of love. The tour will culminate with the piece returning to The Grove in Los Angeles for a special concert with Michael Bolton. The concept of the scaled down version of this popular series that’s meant for the home is exactly the same as it is for the large-scale works and is functional as both a candleholder and a vase. The home version of The Art of Finding Love is perfect for people who want something in their home that starts a conversation about what love means and how it comes into focus only when we take a step back and reflect.

In creating his 2017 collection, furniture designer Timothy Oulton says that two key lifestyles emerged: relaxing and entertaining. “We wanted to connect with how people are using their homes,” Timothy says. The Hong Kong-based designer first fell in love with the style and quality reflected in British antiques while working at a shop his father owned near Manchester, England. “All that detail, right down to the locks and the handles, I became obsessive,” Timothy explains. He worked for many years restoring these pieces before he started designing his own. His approach to design is inclusive and unique. “I see the creative process as a bit of a quest, a journey. You explore, discover and often end up finding inspiration down pretty unexpected avenues. We have leather finishes inspired by antique cowboy chaps and lighting inspired by vintage jewelry,” says Timothy. “Must haves” available at the HD Buttercup store include The Nirvana sofa that has a perfect balance of support and comfort, the new Causeway dining table which is handcrafted in century-old reclaimed English timber, and among the more modern pieces, a personal favorite of the designer, The Mars Chair, inspired by 1960s car grills.

So when you venture downtown, whether you are looking for furniture, art or inspiration, get that homey feeling to turn your house into a home.

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