Living a Paragon Healthy Lifestyle

What constitutes a Paragon Society and a Paragon Healthy Lifestyle? Here, all you need to know about living a Paragon healthy lifestyle.

The Paragon Society

Through education and partnerships, Paragon Societies™ are in development worldwide. These communities embrace a blueprint that will support living longer, happier and healthier lives by empowering and educating communities.

The Paragon Healthy Living Blueprint consists of proven practices in several areas. For starters, there is medical science, fitness and nutrition education. Secondly, Paragon covers anti-aging breakthroughs, product research and healthy economics. All combined with little-known secrets indigenous to the region that support wellness and longevity from across the globe. This information will help change environments and accelerate transformation in communities. In turn, reducing age-related diseases and identifying solutions are designed to improve one’s overall well-being.

These solutions will improve quality of life, providing for longer, happier and healthier lifestyles. The concept is entering the market quickly by providing communities with information. This helps change how people experience the world around them. It also implements ways to live stronger and healthier for a longer period of time.

Education and Information

By impacting environments, economics, social and personal growth, people can and WILL live longer, happier and healthier lives. Paragon Societies™ plans consist of world regions that individuals want to visit and maintain second homes or reside full-time. Community developers worldwide are building “wellness initiatives” into their infrastructure. This is the wave of the future. You will be the first to learn about groundbreaking technologies and new discoveries in the area of life extension. In future articles we will provide exclusive info on communities around the world. These have started the process of creating an environment conducive to living longer. And also maintaining the youthful properties that support living stronger.

Unique to any other model or blueprint, Paragon Societies will provide education and information. This, to empower communities to thrive by teaching people how to live longer.  And by embracing healthy lifestyles, eating well and staying active while educating themselves on many points. These include medical science breakthroughs, global research, little-known secrets and cutting-edge best practices for living chronologically-gifted lives. Individuals aged 80 to 90 plus years will be maintaining the physical bodies and minds of 40 to 50 year olds.

The 7-Step Blueprint of a Paragon Society

ZEST for life! The concrete foundation for living a longer, happier and healthier life is maintaining a genuine ZEST for life. Zest for life supports abilities to live with joy while  avoiding the stresses of today’s fast paced world and boycotting age-related diseases.

Best Practices Discover tools for optimal physical fitness and nutrition. Help avoid illness and maintain healthy muscle mass, bone density and brain function.

Preventative Maintenance Five key elements include limiting stress, avoiding overexposure to the sun and harmful environmental elements, as well as limiting caffeine, alcohol and smoking.

Personal and Aesthetic Care Treatments, procedures and cutting-edge products with proven success.

Scientific Breakthroughs Advances in the field of aging, include stem-cell research, telomere longevity and other technologies. These will increase lifespans by decades while supporting stronger, healthier and more youthful bodies.

Sustainable Practices Healthier, thriving economies that, in turn, support an overall centered, content and well-balanced environment.

Wellness Education Telemedicine or exclusive access to the top medical and health professionals and scientific minds of our generation. Speaker series feature pioneers in the areas of healthy superfoods, nutrition and agriculture. Published authors, scientists, professors, life coaches and mental and emotional wellness professionals, and economists. These motivational speakers will impact lives and support life extension through strategies for optimal living while supporting a more informative, stronger human species.

Living a Paragon Healthy Lifestyle–Mind, Body and Spirit

In future articles, we explore the elements of what makes a Paragon Life and living a Paragon Healthy Lifestyle.
 Topics will spotlight various experts in the areas of health and wellness, fitness and nutrition. We also cover culinary arts, anti-aging, skincare, the science of longevity and stem-cell research. Then there is living green, fit families, psychology and economics including today’s master bloggers appealing to younger generations.

What are the latest mind, body and spirit philosophies, technologies and medical advances in the field of anti-aging? As the demand steadily increases, how educated is the public?

External and internal methods that help one “age gracefully” are the focus of our society. Each day we inch closer to finding the fountain of youth. Medical researchers release new discoveries, advances and hope in the field of anti-aging and longevity medicine every day. Experts release new discoveries daily  creating a need for a platform to guide us through the war on aging.

Feeling Younger

As many as 80 percent of Americans over the age of 60 suffer from an age-related disease. These may include cancer, heart disease, arthritis and Alzheimer’s. There are anti-aging clinics, longevity institutes and wellness centers popping up all over the country! What do they do? Some claim to be able to reduce or alleviate predisposed genetic risk factors through a combination of nutrients, antioxidants, medicine, physical therapy, pain management and even stem-cell therapy.

One American-based institute notes premature aging a nutritional deficiency syndrome. Its objective is to create precursors in the biochemical pathways of hormone production, transport and reception that are lacking in the standard American diet. We will be spotlighting Cristina Ferrare’s new book “Food For Thought.” It’s an extraordinary book loaded with recipes supporting brain fitness among other remarkable health benefits.

The latest cardiovascular exercise crazes are gyrotonics, pilate machines, anti-gravity yoga, weight management and senior strength training. New optional surgeries for obesity including cosmetic weight-loss are also  available to those committed to exploring a healthy lifestyle. We look forward to sharing articles provided by leading healthcare experts in future issues.

Medical Treatments

Human growth hormones (HGH), hormone replacement or augmentation (melatonin, dehydroepiandrosterone, also called DHEA, and others) are controversial; however, administration of hormonal precursors is less so. The reason behind this is that growth hormone levels drop with age and the logic has been to restore the patient’s levels to that of a 20 to 30 year-old.

The treatment of breast cancer and menopause are topics that have grown tremendously among women. Phytohormones are essential compounds that modulate steroid hormone metabolism. These compounds may offer more benefit than ERT (estrogen replacement therapy or HRT (hormone replacement therapy) and do not have any deleterious side effects.

Biochemical and chromosomal therapies, such as the reversal of apoptosis, or programmed cell death, has introduced telomerase activation. Chromosomal manipulation is truly at the frontier of anti-aging. It sounds very scientific; but once you wrap your head around it, it makes perfect sense.

Anti-aging Knowledge

Additionally, there are new therapies for anxiety, depression, stress and the role of cortisol in premature aging. The electronic information processing technologies have sparked a revolution in the conceptual modeling of neurodevelopment. Brain-training will offer life-changing results in areas ranging from athletic training and pain management to addiction problems, depression, children with autism and much more.

Furthermore, new cosmetic procedures, power peels, anti-aging radio-frequency treatments, SmartSkin CO2 Lasers, stem cell skin extracts, retinol treatments, glycolic and fruit acids, vitamin serums and many more are all used for the reversal of UVA and UVB skin damage. We will be reviewing new products and treatments and their claims including CBD, manuka honey, vitamin infusions, Medical Medium philosophies to name a few and interviewing scientists, authors, doctors and experts who are pioneers in the field of aging as well as living a mindful life. Education is key.

The list goes on and on when it comes to ways to maintain a healthy, youthful and vibrant presence. Our Paragon Healthy Lifestyles department will take us on a journey that will inform, enlighten and educate the public in the areas of anti-aging, longevity, mindfulness and overall health and wellness advancements.

Coming Soon

The next few months will include an interview with biomedical gerontologist Dr. Aubrey de Grey, author of the book “Ending Aging.” We will provide information on the advances in molecular and cellular biology that may end aging as we know it. Paul Boutin of The Wall Street Journal says “Dr. de Grey is hardly just another fountain-of-youth huckster. His it-might-work ideas are based on existing, published, peer-reviewed research. He thinks more like an engineer than a scientist. If even one of his proposals works, it could mean years of extended healthy living.” Stay tuned as we roll out exciting new information that will help you live strong and healthy and start living the Paragon healthy lifestyle!

Rebecca Gray Grossman has worked extensively in healthcare media for more than twenty-five years as a researcher, journalist, and television correspondent. Among other shows, she was a guest host on a weekly morning news segment entitled, “Stop The Clock” for ABC7 Eyewitness News in Los Angeles. She was the Publisher and Editorial Director for Westlake Magazine for more than a decade and launched West Luxury Magazine and Paragon Healthy Lifestyles Magazine in 2016. She now spearheads the Paragon Healthy Lifestyles brand ( and as Chair of The Grossman Burn Foundation she dedicates her time to supporting burn survivors both locally and globally and exploring new technologies in healthcare.

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