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 par-a-gon ·a person or thing viewed as a model of excellence.

Our Paragon Healthy Living department spotlights Paragon Societies™, wellness products, cutting-edge treatments, exercise and nutrition paradigms, mind-body philosophies, experts in the field of aging, and scientific breakthroughs that we consider to be paragon in nature. Knowledge is power. Our goal is to inspire the public by providing facts (avoiding hype). We also offer a choice of weapons to help battle the aging process including age-related diseases that often accompany longevity. We will take you on a new and exciting adventure to communities across the globe. These communities thrive on living longer, healthier and happier lives.

Our Paragon Healthy Lifestyles department is here to provide building blocks for healthy lifestyle choices, products, nutrition and fitness philosophies. We also interview experts in the field, as well as deliver educational pieces on economic empowerment. These are just a few of the topics that we will be fishing out of the fountain of youth. Our mission is to provide subject matter that helps you make decisions on how to live your best life. —a Paragon Healthy Lifestyle


The key to living healthier, longer remains in taking an active role in managing your own well-being. We often spend hours each week at the gym exercising to stay fit and support healthy muscle mass. Or, we follow a specialized diet to sustain optimal gut health and brain fitness. This, of course, helps us to function and feel better. With so many new technologies and treatments available to us, radical life extension is becoming a reality. Education on what is available to us provides opportunities to embrace a lifestyle that is truly paragon in nature.

Becoming a Paragon Society

More Southern California regions are embracing elements of the seven-step paragon blueprint for living healthier, longer lives. This includes the Malibu and Santa Barbara areas. One new trend that has taken off here in America, after years of being provided in other countries, is vitamin and mineral treatments using intravenous therapy. Case in point, in Malibu and other communities throughout the greater Los Angeles region, PointInfusion centers are providing concierge patient testing as well as pain-free Intravenous Therapy (IV drips) that may greatly benefit one’s health. The Hollywood Reporter said these types of drip treatments have become more popular thanks to celebrities. These celebrities include Chris Brown, Chrissy Teigen, John Legend, Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin. 


PointInfusion has fast become the gold standard when it comes to strategically infusing vitamins, minerals, amino acids and nutrients into the body while, at the same time, relaxing in a spa-like atmosphere.

Their Malibu location provides a stress-free sanctuary with breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean. All while acquiring the benefits of clinically proven, scientific medical treatments. These treatments help clients detoxify, nourish and hydrate with immediate and long-lasting results. Treatments enhance one’s overall well-being utilizing vitamins and healthy “cocktail infusions”.  These infusions were created to address specific needs while boosting the immune system. This also reduces inflammation and eases chronic pain as well as fighting against viruses and disease-related symptoms. They have numbers of protocols showing remarkable success with healthy weight loss, skin irregularities, chronic headaches and allergy relief remedies. All of their centers offer specified testing that support preventative maintenance and address common areas where an underlying health problem may compromise daily function or lead to a larger problem if left untreated. Areas of focus include the heart, thyroid, hormones, cholesterol, folic acid, heavy metals, food sensitivities and more.

Learn more on how to get your drip on at


Another So Cal region that strongly embraces new and exciting healthy lifestyle practices is magnificent Santa Barbara County. The Four Seasons Resort The Biltmore Santa Barbara is now offering a new treatment called “Sound Mind Sound Body. A full-body massage is enhanced with healing sounds and vibrations utilizing Peter Hess singing bowls (originally a Tibetan ritual), specifically designed for this extraordinary treatment. The singing bowls are placed on the body while a certified therapist manipulates the bowls to create a blissful vibration and soothing sound that is harmonic and void of frequency jumping, ambient noises and unpleasant secondary tones. Peter Hess singing bowls are an alloy of twelve metals. High-quality bronze mainly determines vibration quality of the sound from a bow. The bowls also have additional metals with health benefits, which include:

Zinc – Efficient against states of stress

Meteor iron – Supports energy and activity

Bismuth – Supports the digestive system

Galena – Against arthritis

Pyrite – Strengthens the lungs

Healing through sound and vibration is known to reduce stress, improve concentration, reduce blood pressure, improve immunity, increase blood circulation, diminish joint pain, synchronize the brain hemisphere, remove mental and emotional negativity and enhance creativity.             

 Images on website under spa link for the above “singing bowls treatment” topic

Can We Live to a Thousand Years of Age?

Dr. Peter H. Grossman explores the realities of life extension in an interview with a paragon researcher, Dr. Aubrey de Grey

Human evolution is speeding up. What once took a millennia now takes centuries, and what now takes centuries will soon take decades. The exponential increase in speed of informational technology, biotechnology and nanotechnology will lead to evolutionary changes in the betterment of health and, as a byproduct of that, radical life extension. No single individual has led the charge for this evolution more than Dr. Aubrey de Grey.

Even if we accept our ultimate demise, most try to cheat death at all cost. Dr. Aubrey de Grey is a leading Cambridge researcher, published author and the Chief Science Officer of the SENS Research Foundation. The foundation is focusing on aging and extending human longevity, and de Grey believes that the first humans to live to be 1,000 years old have already been born. De Grey is also the chief editor of the academic journal, “Rejuvenation Research.” He’s the author of “The Mitochondrial Free Radical Theory of Aging” and the co-author of “Ending Aging: The Rejuvenation Breakthroughs that Could Reverse Human Aging in Our Lifetime.” He’s given exceedingly successful TED Talks and has been interviewed on most major news sources including: CBS, 60 Minutes, BBC, The New York Times, Fortune Magazine, The Washington Post and Popular Science, to name a few.

His nonprofit organization focuses on extending the quality of life and helping human beings to live longer, healthier lives. And he thinks we can do it! This is an incredibly interesting interview—something I personally am very passionate about, as I believe all of us are. If we can gain extra years on our life, especially good-quality years maintaining cognition, mobility and aesthetics, we would give—well, anything—as long as we live healthy and feel good, right?

Q & A

Peter Grossman: In the field of biogerontology, there is no one who has generated more discussion and controversy than you when you say that humans can achieve radical life extension. Your principal thesis, “The 7 deadly things,” has yet to be disproven, and if we focus our attention on scientifically addressing those “things” for human aging, we may indeed live to 150 or 200 years of age—or even longer. If you accept my initial premise, that most of us don’t want to die, why do you receive so much resistance to your ideas?

Aubrey de Grey: So many have convinced themselves that aging is absolutely inevitable. In order to cope with that, people had also convinced themselves—and, this is a problem that still exists—that aging was some kind of blessing in disguise, that there was some kind of huge amount of tragedy that would occur if we, by some miracle, did actually eliminate aging and dying, that it probably would create as a result, a world that would be even worse.

And all of this has, of course, been built up over the history of civilization, and I believe that it’s been built up as a result of our knowledge that aging is this absolutely ghastly thing—and our psychological need to put it out of our minds. Even today, when obviously medicine and medical research is advancing so rapidly, people are still, with some justification, very hesitant to get their hopes up. You know, it’s all very well getting your hopes up, if you don’t mind your hopes being dashed because at least you tried, which is my attitude—but of course, a lot of people take the view that having one’s hopes dashed is really not much fun, and therefore they’d prefer not to get them up in the first place. That is a huge part of the problem that we face today.


PG: What has SENS Research Foundation done to demonstrate the possibility of extended good health and thus, as a side effect, radical life extension?


AdG: We pioneered the whole field of research on what we like to call “comprehensive damage repair” as an approach to medically controlling aging—which essentially consists of a divide and conquer approach of identifying a manageable but non-trivial number of types of damage that the body does to itself throughout life—and figuring out and developing ways to repair that damage, so as to put the molecular and cellular structure of the body back into a state resembling how it was at an earlier age.


PG: You’ve talked about the different types of damage that comes to both body and, I imagine, mind. Can you break it down a little bit more with regard to what aging actually looks like from your perspective?


AdG: So what are these types of damage? Well, normally we divide the damage into seven major categories. We talk about things like cell loss. In other words, cells dying and not being spontaneously replaced as they die, by the division of other cells. This is a very generic idea, of course. But it’s a concrete idea; it’s not just a theoretical, abstract thing. It really does happen in a variety of different tissues. And it happens progressively during life. So of course, eventually one ends up with an affected tissue not having enough cells to do its job.

And we all know what we can do to fix this. We simply inject stem cells, which are prepared in a laboratory into the right kind of state.  So that they know what to do, to divide and transform themselves—differentiate, as we say—into replacements for the cells that the body is not replacing on its own. Simple idea, of course much easier said than done, but it is something people get. Most of the other categories are not so fortunate. They are much less well-understood and appreciated, and the approaches to repairing the damage are very challenging—so we work on developing at least the early stages of therapies that repair the other type of damage.

Essentially the body is set up to tolerate a certain amount of its own self-inflicted damage without significant physiological impact in terms of physical and mental performance, and therefore without substantial risk of death. And all we need to do, therefore, is to keep the overall load of damage—the amount of damage we’re carrying around—below that point. And we can do that incrementally.

By that I mean we can develop first-generation therapies that remove most of the damage that someone aged—let’s say, 60 or 70—has accumulated. And then we’ve bought ourselves time—you know, let’s say 20 or 30 years—before the level of damage becomes that kind of level again. At that point, the damage, of course, is more difficult to repair by definition, because the damage that’s going to have accumulated is the damage that the therapies didn’t work on—but that’s an awfully long time to develop better therapies that do repair some of the damage that we couldn’t repair initially in the first generation.

And of course we can apply those second-generation therapies to the same people that the first-generation therapies were applied to. So all we need to do is keep one step ahead of the problem and keep improving the therapies fast enough to be able to keep the overall damage load low. “Longevity Escape Velocity” is the term I’ve coined for this. 


PG: If we do reach “Longevity Escape Velocity,” and we live several hundred years, can this planet sustain us?


AdG: The carrying capacity of the earth is far greater than many recognize. Whether it’s renewable energy or artificial meat or desalination or artificial intelligence for automation—all of these things can profoundly change the human condition, the quality of life that people have and of course, in some cases, the quantity of life. But as I say, quantity is a side effect of quality. 

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You Are What You Eat!

Plowing Deep into Food Products with Proven Health Benefits … Paragon Products!

* MaryRuth Organics is a fast-growing vegan supplement company and is based out of Los Angeles. The passion project of MaryRuth GhiyamCertified Health Educator, Nutritional Consultant and Culinary Chef—was brought about after the tragic and unexpected passing of her brother and father, and her mother’s diagnosis of two benign brain tumors. The concept was to formulate a wholesome multivitamin with vegan, non-GMO ingredients, safe for the entire family to take; this vision grew into an entire line of liquid supplements and probiotics, gummy vitamins and, last but not least, face and body products. Learn more about this paragon product at    

* Televsion personality and best-selling author Cristina Ferrare, founded FLOURISH Body, Mind, Soul, alongside her daughters Arianna Thomopoulos and Alex Thomopoulos. They recently launched a line of food product goods that health conscious consumers can’t get enough of. And good they are. FLOURISH offers four different organic products: Non GMO and Gluten Free, Vegan Granolas including Original, Turmeric, Chocolate Chip (yes you read that correctly), as well as Original with CBD.


Although available at local markets like Erewhon, you will soon be able to  access these healthy and yummy granolas through Amazon. Additionally, the company not only raises awareness of the benefits of health and wellness through healing foods and eco-friendly products, but they also provide recipes that include foods that everyone loves to prepare and eat in a way that is gut, heart and brain healthy, with hardcore studies to back it up using the latest up-to-date medical research.

* We all know the dangers of excessive salt intake, including high blood pressure, heart trouble, kidney disease and eczema. But few know how simple the solution is. With more and more health-conscious people seeking out healthier alternatives to traditional table salt, many are discovering clean Pacific sea salt from the California-based New Zealand importer Pacific Resources International. All of PRI’s sea salts are harvested from the pristine oceans around New Zealand, while also being naturally dried, containing no additives and retaining all of the natural trace elements. More specifically, the company’s Pacific Sea Salt is obtained from the energy-efficient method of solar and wind evaporation of seawater. This all-natural, age-old process—only where clean oceans can be found—retains the key minerals that play a role in keeping the body’s electrolytes in balance for a healthy lifestyle. Learn more about this paragon product at

“Lord make my words as sweet as honey for tomorrow I may have to eat them.”– Unknown

* What is “real” manuka honey? Here are a few things to look out for to ensure you’re not only getting the best nutritional and medicinal benefits but also your money’s worth!

First off, it comes from New Zealand, just like real Champagne comes from France. New Zealand’s Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) recently set new standards for what can be exported as “manuka honey.” This means that in the future, manuka honey from New Zealand will have met a threshold for the honey’s unique chemical markers. Secondly, it is monofloral (not a “blend” of multiple floral sources) from the manuka flower, ensuring its unique properties. And lastly, real manuka honey has the UMF™ (Unique Manuka Factor) independent certification, guaranteeing specific levels of manuka’s three key compounds. This also ensures it has been sourced, packed and labeled in New Zealand and meets MPI’s standards.


Since 1974, the company brand Comvita has been one trusted leader in manuka honey. With over 40,000 beehives, they are committed to growing relationships with beekeepers and are now known as the number one manufacturer of manuka honey in the world. Not only is its product known for its astronomical benefits, but it is also being used to impregnate bandages that are used for wound care considering that the honey contains natural anti-bacterial properties. Learn more about this paragon product at  

* Combine the number oneselling frozen bone broth with MCT oil, and what do you get? California-based Bonafide Provisions’ new Keto Broth collection—the first bone broth designed to help the body digest fat and thereby turbocharge the transition into ketosis. 

The line: blends organic bone broth (the best whole food source of the fat-digesting amino acid glycine) with MCT oil (a type of fatty acid that helps the body produce ketones) to help people reap the full benefits of the fat-focused ketogenic diet. Brilliantly packaged, it comes in several flavors in eight oz heat-and-go cups. The broth has no gluten, grain, additives, preservatives, stabilizers, fillers, powders or sweeteners and contains 15 grams of healthy fats, 9-10 grams of protein and no sugar. Finally, it comes in a convenient, portable container meant to function like a bone broth coffee cup.  

“Live long and prosper” is an abbreviated version of a traditional Jewish religious blessing; however, most recognize this phrase from the “Star Trek” TV series, where the character Mr. Spock used it to greet the Vulcan people. Paragon Healthy Lifestyles added a few significant words to that phrase to help broaden the blessing as we pass it on to our fellow mankind.








In closing, we hope you have enjoyed this issue’s Paragon Healthy Lifestyles department. Stay tuned for exciting new topics including the goods on CBD products, skin care treatments and serums, the health benefits of laughter and being mindful, as well as interviews with various wellness experts to name a few.


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Live long and prosper!

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