LA’s CBD Beauty Scene

If “dispensary” has you thinking green bud, vape cartridges and gummies, make room in your head for some new images. Whole body wellness ones. Thanks to the legalization of cannabis in much of the U.S., CBD is rapidly taking over the beauty and self-care industry. This darling cosmetic ingredient helps with all things, from simple inflammatory issues to acne and even psoriasis.  And LA’s CBD beauty scene is right in the mix.

CBD Ingredient

Ingredients like tea tree oil, hyaluronic acid, retinol, and charcoal all had their time  in the skincare and beauty spotlight. Right right now it is all about CBD. The integration of CBD into the industry has a lot to do with growing consumer interest in natural products. This, according to Prohibition Partners, a foremost source of independent data and strategy for the cannabis industry. Managing Director Stephen Murphy explained, “Consumers are looking for new and exciting products derived from natural and sustainable sources and cannabis (and thus CBD) continues to fit this mold, driving product demand through the roof.”
 CBD’s time in the beauty industry is only beginning.

Luxe Shopping Spot

A recent report by Prohibition Partners states, “The upward trajectory indicates that sales will hit $959 billion by 2024.” LA’s own Atrium Topanga is right on trend—and right in LA’s CBD beauty scene. A luxury cannabis dispensary, Atrium opened its doors in 2018. They carry   recreational THC products and wellness products, some of the latter so popular they can’t be kept in stock. Bath bombs, massage oils, lubricants and CBD capsules all displayed in an ultra-chic storefront à la-Neiman Marcus. Some products, like Papa & Barkley’s Releaf Repair Cream for face and neck, boast fresh pressed CBD rich cannabis sativa plant as a main ingredient. Others have less potent CBD percentages but still deliver beauty benefits. Red Rodriguez is Director of Vendor Relations at Atrium. He says of the CBD ingredient “It’s not a cure-all but rather an anti-inflammatory ingredient that works at a cellular level.”

Atrium Topanga delivers and curbside pick-up is also now available. But, for the true elevated experience, a visit is both warranted and necessary. The marriage of bud and beauty is very of the moment and Atrium executes beautifully, no pun intended.


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