Kitchen Remodel 101

PLANNING A KITCHEN REMODEL? Before embarking on the project, consider seven different key areas that cover both form and function. We spoke with Eli Kaspi of Pure Builders, Inc. in Calabasas, California to determine what each of these areas are. Plus Eli shared how to to keep things in perspective and make sure nothing is being overlooked. Here, all the kitchen remodel 101 info you need to know.

Consider flow throughout the house

Eli points out that “flow” has become the issue that is first and foremost in a remodel. This, because today’s modern homes put the kitchen at the very center of the house. Anyone who is a fan of home shows can verify  the most desirable family floor plans are “open concept.” To claify, this means the kitchen is accessible from seemingly every room. Family gatherings inevitably end up with everyone in and around the kitchen. Therefore it should match the ambiance or vibe of the entire home. There also are flow considerations within the kitchen itself. These include easy flow from the refrigerator to the stove and to the sink. Kaspi says, “Simplicity is the key while cooking.” So a kitchen remodel must incorporate a realistic design from the cook’s point of view.

Appraise flow in kitchen

The spatial relation between the island and the cabinets will determine how big a kitchen island can be. The ideal size depends on what the purpose of the island is: For instance, f0r dining is there an overhanging counter for comfortable seating? When considering cooking will there be a cooktop in the island or free standing range/oven? Is there a wash and prep area that incorporates a prep sink? When entertaining is there room for a bar, refrigerator or wine cooler? In addition, storage. This includes open shelves for cookbooks and dishes plus other kitchen amenities such as a kitchen sink, dishwasher, warming drawers, pot fillers or a built-in espresso machine.

Choose appliances

Understanding the customer’s cooking habits and needs determine which appliances best suit their lifestyle and kitchen remodel priorities. Some veritable chefs who cook multiple course meals may choose to invest in multiple ovens. Other prolific entertainers might value the need for double dishwashers instead. And the variety of finishes on appliances—from stainless to glass to cabinet panels can enhance the look of a kitchen. The same is true for the wide selection of knobs and handles. Use cabinet panels to upgrade and update the look of the kitchen.

Set up storage

Let’s talk a key part of kitchen remodel 101, which is storage. Keep an eye toward making sure that frequently used kitchen gear is stored appropriately. For example: food prep items near the food prep area, cooking items near the cooking area, dishes near the dishwashing area, etc. Maximize kitchen storage with thoughtfully arranged drawers and pull-outs. Adjustable shelves should be used in the base cabinets to organize stored appliances. Popular add-ons and accessories include:

•Roll-out and pull-out pantries
•Spice storage drawer or cabinet
•Pullout base cabinet storage
•Mixer storage cabinet
•Corner carousel shelf cabinet
•Kitchen corner cabinets
•Waste basket pull out cabinet
•Toe-kick storage

Pay attention to countertops

Design cabinets at different levels to accommodate varying needs, from food prep to entertaining and even appliance storage. After that, consider quartz and white marble, which are the current trends. Artistic backsplash options have become a cottage industry all its own. Engineered quartz is a high-quality low maintenance and the same look as a marble stone at a significant savings.

Understand lighting

Meanwhile lighting is a sixth area of consideration during a kitchen remodel. The right balance of effective lighting accommodates a wide variety of tasks. Four layers of light are blended together for an ideal result. Natural light can be brought in with big windows, French or bi-fold doors, skylights or solar tubes. Solar tubes can make a home more energy efficient. Fixture illumination is ideal for task work. Accomplish this with working station lights, pendant lighting in prep areas and track lighting. Ambient light sets a tone through dimmable lights such as decorative lights, sconces, under-mount cabinet lights and interior cabinet lights. Finally, accent lights can be used to highlight a specific area and are best achieved through track or recessed spotlighting.

Decide on flooring

Lastly, to understand kitchen remodel 101 consider flooring. Given the kitchen’s role as a focal point in an “open concept,” the best advice in a remodel is to use the same flooring throughout the entire house to connect the kitchen to the rest of the living area. This also means that hardwood flooring or natural stone in a kitchen is a perfectly viable option. With today’s technology, engineered products, sealer materials and applications have improved so that use of natural materials is a new solution for the kitchen area. For a low-maintenance material, porcelain tiles may be a durable option as they are highly resistant to scratches and stains.

Focus on specialty spaces

One added note: Transform  otherwise insignificant or tucked away corners into a specialty zone, like a kitchen desk or a coffee bar. They can strategically be incorporated into the flow and design of the kitchen, that you ultimately could not imagine living without.

Above all, the decision to remodel a kitchen is not an inexpensive endeavor and mistakes can be costly. Similarly, inexperience can easily lead to errors so hiring a professional is highly recommended. Therefore, using a design-build firm like Pure Builders, Inc. is an advantageous approach. Instead of hiring a separate designer and builder, a design-build firm provides construction, budgeting and complete designing/planning services and is ultimately cost-effective because all expenses are laid out in advance and built by the same company that did the design.

All that’s left to do is invite guests over and get cooking!

To contact Eli Kaspi and Pure Builders:

23966 Craftsman Road
Calabasas, CA 91302



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