Holiday Gift Wrapping

Once holiday shopping is finished, it’s on to wrapping all those wonderful gifts! And with the plethora of thought and prep that went into the selection of the presents, why not make the holiday gift wrapping just as special? It’s easy to do and also budget-friendly. It takes just a few minutes and a few pieces. It’s simple to create a selection of packages that will look amazing on display in the days and weeks (you’re that prepared, right?) before the holidays. You might even create some moments of delicate and thoughtful unwrapping.

Shopping List

Blush and silver wrapping paper
Copper tissue paper
Blush, charcoal and copper ribbon
Small faux wired garland (LOVE this stuff!)
Copper jingle bells
White twine
Double-sided tape

Festive palette

Work with a festive color palette, like the metallic one here. To make it even more efficient, plan a few interchangeable holiday gift wrapping details. Think twine threaded with jingle bells and mini wreaths (from wired faux garland). And tiny sprigs of garland, platinum pine sprigs and ribbons that can be mixed and matched.

Tissue paper wrap

For smaller boxes, accordion pleat the tissue paper and use it to wrap a few boxes. Set ribbon perpendicular to pleats, zig-zag with twine that’s been threaded with a few jingle bells. Or, for larger boxes, first wrap boxes in silver wrapping. Then  accordion pleat the copper tissue paper; secure as a band over center of wrapped box (can go horizontally or vertically). This adds a pop of color. Add ribbon perpendicular to the pleats (above left). Double-sided tape will be your best friend here!

Wreath details

Use wired faux garland to create different sized wreaths. Attach to packages using twine to tie around the gift or to attach to a ribbon. Dot wreaths with jingle bells too.

Garland touch

Even a little sprig of garland adds a festive detail to the smallest gift,

A bit of everything

Larger gifts give more space to play with details. A garland layered over ribbon is festooned with copper jingle bells tied to platinum pine sprigs.


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