Hiring During a Pandemic

“Always Be Recruiting” is the philosophy of progressive executives who understand (and believe!) that people are their greatest asset. Experienced hiring managers can spot great talent and have that intuitive sixth sense to notice what others don’t.

So, what’s a hiring manager to do for hiring during a pandemic? When in-person networking opportunities are limited, and in-person talent scouting opportunities don’t exist? No more conventions, business functions, fundraisers, not even weddings to scout fresh talent.

Here are some tips from Equis Staffing in Calabasas on finding, interviewing and hiring top employees during an environment that keeps you isolated.

Stay in Touch with Your Existing Network

For starters, inform your network that you are hiring. Referrals from people you know and trust are golden.

Expand Your Reach with Online Networking

After that, use technology to stay connected, think LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Direct message first level connections.

Next, tap into specialized groups, including trade associations, alumni groups and more.

Interact with targeted social networks, like home pages of professional organizations.

Post on targeted job boards and specialized websites

Prepare accurate job descriptions.

Use keywords to be found quickly.

Pre-Screen for Required Skills and Experience

Contact applicants with must-have skills and experience first.

Check references and verify employment.

Benchmark current compensation to understand current market rates.

Tighten Up Your Interview Process   

Be prepared to be virtual – Zoom, Facetime, GoToMeeting, etc.

Understand how to use the tools.

Limit interviews by groups.

When possible, conduct in-person interviews for finalists only.

Prepare comp/benefits info.

Move Fast When You Find the Right Employee

Have offer letter process systematized.

Be prepared to make an offer via email and phone.

Have start date and onboarding process organized.


Donna Farrugia, President, Staffing Services and Carrie Nebens, Founder, of Equis Staffing, lend their experience and passion into making Equis Staffing a leader in the placement of IT, accounting and finance professionals. As a certified women owned business both clients and candidates look to Equis Staffing to support them with their staffing needs. 

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