Gift Guide for Fitness Fans

The latest gift guide for fitness fans on your list.

Track Star

The latest Fitbit Charge 4 is perfect for those who take their fitness seriously. Especially during these pandemic times when getting out and getting fit takes all the more effort. Celebrate getting off the sofa with this shiny new gadget. It keeps track not only of steps and sleep, but also hikes, runs, beach walks and more. Its light-adjusting touch screen is key and the 7 day battery life leaves no room for excuses., prices vary.

Comfort Zone

For those who enjoy a social workout, masks are the new fitness must-have. Whether you run along the paved path from Santa Monica to Venice or hit any opened gym, it’s necessary to be covered. The Lay Flat Wicking Mask by Champion makes the wearer more comfy by absorbing moisture so it doesn’t hamper heavy breathing. The masks come in four choices—camo, black, logo and tie dye—to go with any sporty style.; $9 each.


Hiking, or any outdoor activity really, is a major perk of SoCal living. And that we get to do it year-round is equally amazing. But being one with the elements begs the need to be smart and potentially entertained. So even if outside time is the only time to be unplugged, bringing along a cell phone is still on point. How else would one play spotify, track steps and make an emergency call if turned around on a new trail? Smartphones fit perfectly into the SPlbelt Performance Series Running Belt, which is water resistant (if too close to a wave) and easy to wear and still be hands-free.; $26

Push Out

Resistance bands are key instruments for any fitness repertoire. This set from GymBandit is mini, budget-friendly and comes in five strengths (and equally fun colors). Perfect for toning legs, glutes and arms at home or when back at the gym. The bands come in a convenient carry-along bag.; $17.

Drink Up

Exercise devotees are as obsessed with their latest app as they are with the perfect water bottle. This new drinking device from Camelbak is quickly becoming a favorite. Its clever insulated design keeps drinks hot or cold for hours and the removable cup/lid makes drinking (water or coffee) more dignified. Plus the cup works when you deign to share with a friend., $50

Feel Good

Sore muscles are a sign of a good workout but can also be too much of a good thing. And massages to take care of the pain can be costly, tricky to book or non-existent during COVID times. Instead, friends and family will be thrilled with this portable hand held massager that diminishes discomfort. The Theragun Mini Portable Muscle Treatment Massage Gun has three speeds and a long battery-life. It’s also aerodynamically designed so it’s comfy to hold and maneuver., $199.

Weigh Down

For those who have made the transition to work-out at home, building a gym kit is likely a work in progress. Especially for those pieces that are beyond the basic. That doesn’t mean, however, they won’t quickly become favorites and be beyond appreciated. Like these ankle/wrist weight bangles. They are super cute and add that extra intensity during a multitude of aerobic, toning and strength-training workouts., $49.

With pre- and post-Black Friday sales, prices may be marked down for a time—just another reason to get on this gift guide for fitness fans.

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