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For a beauty skeptic to use the words “life-changing,”something has to truly work wonders. Especially when we are talking how to get perfectly straight hair. Given that our strands are notorious for not being easily changed from our God-given locks.

Straight Hair can Happen

So, when the wonder of Magic Sleek was touted to me in my salon chair with its natural process that takes coarse curls and lengthens them to shiny straight strands, I was hesitant. But, despite my doubts, the treatment has done just that—shown how to get perfectly straight hair. Now instead of 45 minutes (and a professional blow dry) it takes 15 minutes at home to wash and go. Which leaves more time and money for other things.

Being a beauty editor and major product junkie, I had to learn more about how to get perfectly straight hair. So I went directly to the source, Semyon Trakhtenberg, the owner and creator of Magic Sleek.

Sleek and Straight Talk

Jara Negrin: Where has this product been all my life—or at least in the past 15 years when I have religiously straightened my hair with salon treatments?

Semyon Trakhtenberg: Magic Sleek was created approximately six years ago; it took two to three years to complete. It has many natural ingredients found in the Amazon rain forest, and is rich in Omega 3 and Omega 9 unsaturated fatty acids, which offer nutrition to the hair.

JN: I may still have it done even if you say it is damaging to hair—but is this amazing road to get perfectly straight hair damaging? Does Magic Sleek use harsh chemicals?

ST: The formula penetrates the hair shaft and locks in moisture, helping to repair any previous damage. It also helps to prevent future damage with such effective results that daily flat iron use is no longer necessary. The Magic Sleek treatment is 100 percent formaldehyde-free.

JN: I’m in love and want to do it as often as I need. Any reason to hold back?

ST: The treatment can last up to six months. However, it is so safe that it can be applied as often as desired.

Enough said! Magic Sleek is life-altering (as far as my beauty routine goes). And starting around $300 per treatment ($50 each for one-liter shampoo and conditioner for maintenance), cheers to long and luscious (straight) locks.

Straight Hair, Do Care

What are the hottest clips to hold back both perfectly straight hair and curly styles? Whether just a dot of bling at the temple or anchoring a half-up/half-down ’do, here are some looks of the moment:

Graphic labels are hotter than hot and being done up in jewel-likebling doesn’t hurt. Crystal Gucci Single Hair Barrette,;$400


Animal Print We’re wearing it everywhere else, why not in our hair? L. Erickson Kona Barrette, shop.; $22.


Soft Touch A delicate and perfectly tied bow looksgood whether perched on the side of a style or down the back. Jennifer Behr Velvet Bow Barrette,; $128.


Golden Hour Gold filigree can dress up or down any outfit and keep hair stylishly in place. 2028 Gold-Tone Filigree Hair Barrette,; $22.

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