Floral DIY with How2Girl Courtney Sixx

The colorful hues of the season instantly spruce up any entertaining space. Here, the latest floral DIY from How2Girl Courtney Sixx

One of our favorite details about late spring and summer—aside from al fresco dining, sundresses and fun beach bags—is the plethora of flowers that can be picked or gotten from the garden, the farmer’s market, the supermarket or the flower district. The selection, colors and scents are beyond compare as are the arrangements that can be made with them. We especially love turning those into floral DIY from How2Girl Courtney Sixx who is also our Entertaining Editor. Here, Courtney demonstrates how to work with a rich rainbow of flowers and colors that can be used as a centerpiece or entryway arrangement to welcome guests or simply for you to enjoy on your living room table. Happy arranging!


For this arrangement you will need: floral foam, floral tape, measuring tape, floral shears, 8-inch wooden skewers, 2 purple hydrangeas, 5 each pink roses, red roses, orange roses, 3 green dianthus, 4 purple lisianthus, 4 purple anemones, 5 burgundy ranunculus, 2 white sweet peas, 2 mini green apples.

floral diy with how2girl courtney sixxStep 1

Soak floral foam then cut to fit in vessel, leaving small spaces around edges to refill with water later. Tape floral foam down with green floral tape in a cross pattern to secure.

floral diy with how2girl courtney sixxStep 2

Remove thorns and leaves from roses and trim stems to six inches.

floral diy with how2girl courtney sixxStep 3

Arrange hydrangeas, placing one at left of vase and one on opposite end at right.

floral diy with how2girl courtney sixxStep 4

Use this trick to open roses beautifully before arranging: Blow in the center of each rose, and then gently peel back each petal, working from the bottom edge of bloom toward the center. Then, place pink roses in one group of three at front of one quadrant and two remaining roses singly, each at opposite edge of arrangement.

Continue arranging other flowers as follows:

Place red roses in a group of three on one side by hyacinth and put remaining by other hyacinth.

Place orange roses in a line across center. Start on one side with three roses, then place two more down other center side.

Arrange dianthus next to hydrangeas—one in front of one hydrangea and one behind the other, and then one in back top center of arrangement.

Place lisianthus interspersed around crown of arrangement.

Intersperse anemones at the crown, turning lazy susan after each is arranged to ensure anemones are evenly dispersed.

Step 5

Open ranunculus by removing petals from bottom of flower, then flower at base of stem with both hands, use thumbs to push back petals starting at the top center, moving back repeatedly until flower opens. Intersperse ranunculus halfway down, using lazy susan to move arrangement around to ensure even arrangement.

Step 6

Place sweet peas on two sides of the crown, turning arrangement to ensure it’s even.

floral diy with how2girl courtney sixxStep 7

Skewer apple at base. Poke opposite end of skewer into floral foam at front side of arrangement and place remaining apple on other side at top back.

Photography by Joey Carman Photography

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