Falling for Floral Displays

The color palette of fall is here in all of its splendor and fleeting as soon as wintere is upon us. We see it from the landscape to outfits, accessories, holiday decor and especially floral arrangements. The greens, oranges, burgundies and other autumnal tones mixed with a few pastels will have you “falling for floral displays”

WLM Entertaining Editor Courtney Sixx is a fan of adding unexpected elements like fruits and vegetables as well, for a pop of color or an added texture that beautifully blend while also lending interest. “I love incorporating fruits and veggies (pumpkins, apples, pineapples, lemons, pomegranates) into my arrangements. This was a trick I learned from Mark’s Garden. They added lots of gorgeous artichokes, Arkansas apples and grapes into the floral arrangements for my wedding (top right) and it gave all of my centerpieces such a unique and decadent feel. Anytime I can add in a pop with a fruit or veggie I love it. Maybe because it reminds me of one of the happiest days of my life!”

Here, Courtney has designed and constructed an arrangement perfect for an entry table, centerpiece for a buffet or dining table or even to bring along as a hostess gift. For this arrangement (The number of stems needed depends on the size arrangement you will make):


Floral foam
Cream roses
Light pink roses
Burgundy dahlias
Fuchsia dahlias
Orange spray roses
Italian ruscus or green of your choice
China berries
Sprigs of millet and/or fox tails
Wood barbecue skewers

How To Falling for Floral Displays

1. Trim 1 inch off stems of flowers at a 45 degree angle. Fill sink with cold water and let stems soak for a few hours or overnight.

2. Soak floral foam in cold water until saturated.

3. Trim floral foam to fit vase. Fill vase with water.

4. Trim roses to desired height. Gently bend petals back on half of rose stems, opening them to give a garden off-the-rose-bush vibe.

5. Place roses in floral foam in clusters of one, two and three, rotating around arrangement as you go to give shape and making sure to make as even as possible on opposite sides.

6. Repeat with dahlias, sticking with one color group at a time.

7. Add in clusters of spray roses.

8. Add in greenery to sides, front and back of arrangement.

9. Add in China berries, rotating around arrangement for even distribution.

10. Add millet and/or fox tails near greenery. (Courtney found these off the side of the road but they are available at most grocery stores or even online.)

11. The finishing touch: A couple of artichokes. To add these, pierce two skewers through the bottom of one artichoke (double up because artichokes are heavy), then place it in arrangement. Courtney used three artichokes for this arrangement but says “one would do the trick too!”

12. A smaller arrangement to stand at the foot of this piece features a few left over flowers and grapes. Courtney used floral foam inside the tiny vase to keep everything in place.


FLORAL AND HOW-TO PHOTOGRAPHS BY JOEY CARMAN PHOTOGRAPHYTo see more fabulous DIY from Courtney Sixx, visit: how2girl.com @how2girl FLORAL AND HOW-TO PHOTOGRAPHS BY Joey Carman Photography; joeycarmanphotography.com @joeycarman PHOTOGRAPH TOP LEFT Troy Jensen

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