Easter Pastels

With the onset of spring comes a whole new color palette and shades that are not only perfect for the gentle transition of seasons but also for Easter decorations. WLM Entertaining Editor and the Hollywood How2Girl Courtney Sixx created spring arrangements here that can work for a lively display for around the home or one to rival festivally dyed eggs at the center of the table. Courtney chose decorative vases in two sizes to work in tandem or as complementing displays separate locations—take her lead, make just one or be inspired to make even more Easter Pastels. Wishing you a happy holiday and happy spring!

For these arrangements

For the Easter pastel displays pictured here, Courtney used one 12-inch vase and one 8-inch vase. Focusing on the 12-inch vase, she trimmed the hydrangea stems to 14 inches and the roses to 12 inches each. Flowers used in the smaller vase had all stems trimmed to 7 and 8 inches.

Flowers used (quantity will depend on size of vase)
8 blue hydrangeas
12 beige roses
12 lavender/pink-tipped roses
4 hot pink spray rose stems
5 mini green hydrangeas

1 blue hydrangea
5 lavender/pink-tipped roses
12 yellow ranunculus


1. To begin for large arrangement, trim hydrangeas to 14 inches and roses to 12 inches each.

2. Next, place blue hydrangeas around the base, then fill in with beige roses and lavender roses, blocking colors together. As you arrange, turn vase to ensure even placement all around. Fill in sides with blue hydrangeas and the top of arrangement with green hydrangeas and pink spray roses.

3. Then, for small arrangement, trim stems to 7 and 8 inches (half and half).

4. To start, place blue hydrangea at base. Following, fill in with roses, color blocking, Finally add the ranunculus, clustering together on both sides of the roses.

To see more fabulous DIY from Courtney Sixx, visit how2girl.com and on Instagram @how2girl
PHOTOGRAPHS BY Joey Carman Photography; joeycarmanphotography.com @joeycarman

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