Bohemian Rhapsody

Photography and Text by Karen Snyder

Designed and Styled by Karen Snyder of Sanctuary Home Decor and Jennifer Currier of Soiree Event Designs

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As summer temperatures rise and daylight fades a bit later each evening, an al fresco dinner party is an opportunity to take in the beauty of the season while enjoying the company of your guests in a magical and idyllic setting.


Using the backdrop nature provides can take a gathering in many different directions depending on the mood, occasion or theme. One example is a bohemian-themed backyard picnic. This theme brings an unexpected and playful elegance to outdoor dining. Don’t forget, it is as fun to fashion for a host as it is for family and friends to partake. Many of the elements are available from local rental companies, online, or can be found in your home collection or your own backyard. Here, tips to create this enchanting setting for a summer soiree.


Lay the Foundation

Begin by defining your space with a large area rug. You can also lay several smaller rugs on a grassy area or patio. Make sure there is sufficient room for the table and seating to fit easily on the carpets. Most rental companies now offer low profile tables for just this type of event, but as a budget-friendly alternative, consider using stacked wooden palettes (available at local super retail stores or distribution centers) as your table.

Keep It Comfortable

The primary element in creating an enjoyable experience for guests when entertaining is to make sure they are comfortable. This point is especially important when they are being asked to pull up a pillow for seating, so having appropriate ones is vital. In this case, oversized pillows or fabric poufs are the perfect design choice for maximum comfort and style. Choosing those in a variety of colors and sizes complements the eclectic bohemian theme.

Mix It Up

The beauty in a bohemian theme is that matching is not conventional. In fact, a variety of textures, colors and patterns is what defines this concept. Layered fabric and macramé runners create the perfect base for an assortment of dishware. A mix of patterned plates sits atop wooden chargers with gold flatware flanking both sides. Blue glassware adds a pop of color and is the ideal balance of elegance and charm while a knotted linen napkin keeps the menu in place.

Display Wildly Beautiful Flowers

An abundance of foraged greenery and white backyard camellias, mixed with vibrant store-bought blooms, loosely arranged in varying golden vessels, adds a colorful detail to the table top. Keep floral arrangements low so guests can easily see and chat with one another across the table. The final decorative elements are a sprinkling of mandarin oranges alongside white taper candles and blue glass votives ready to be lit when the sun sets.

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