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If there was a revival of Dawson’s Creek (we wish!), Katie Holmes could justify playing her same character, Joey Potter, with nary a lick of makeup to cover up for the 13 years that have passed since the season finale. As much as we would love to see that, we would have to admit to envying the state of her fresh-faced skin every time we watch.

She might come by her stunning complexion, lustrous hair and fit body naturally but she also works at it. She maintains regular exercise routines, preferring running, yoga and spinning. She often snags a bike at the brand new cycling center in Calabasas that’s not too far from the home in The Oaks gated community where she moved with her and ex-husband Tom Cruise’s daughter, Suri, in 2014.

The mother-daughter pair previously lived in New York City’s Chelsea neighborhood before moving back to California where Katie wanted to raise Suri (although away from the Hollywood spotlight) and where she could also reboot her acting career. And that she did. Her directorial debut, All We Had, in which she also stars, is set to be released this month. Three more films and a TV mini series The Kennedys After Camelot for which she is reprising her role as Jacqueline Kennedy are also due out in the coming year.

Probably because of all the hair and makeup sessions on set and for the red carpet, Katie is more minimalist when she’s not working and follows a beauty regimen for her hair and skin in between. Katie says that she is into facials and keeping her skin clean—and loves a good sheet mask when she feels her skin needs a little more moisture, like when she’s traveling by plane. She also washes and conditions her hair every day with go-to products Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Replenishing Moisture Shampoo and the conditioner from the same product line. For hair and makeup when she’s just being a mom, Katie favors subtle looks such as ponytails—especially for hot days—or just letting her natural waves be. She loves natural shades in makeup but will go bold with a Chanel red lip color when playing around for red carpet looks. She carries Chanel black eyeliner in her bag and says her two makeup tricks include white shadow at the corner of her eyes to brighten them and blush because the color on your cheeks makes you look alive.

Katie admits to a sweet tooth once in a while, of course, but says her favorite snacks are smoothies or a green juice. Perhaps those are what she and Suri are shopping for when they’re out and about at the Calabasas farmer’s market, where some of our favorite vendors sell items chock full of farm-fresh ingredients and even finished products (can you say LA Juice?). The duo seemed to slide back into life in Southern California easily, going about their business without worrying too much about what the press is thinking.

Another part of that lifestyle, Katie admits, is a self-imposed curfew as it is important for her to be a “dependable” parent to Suri. While she is busy with exciting work projects, she also spends a lot of time being a mom, which she adores. She cherishes family time with her 10 year old daughter, which makes sense as her family—her mother, father, three sisters and brother— had such a positive impact on her. That’s why she takes Suri to her hometown in Ohio any chance she gets for cousin-time with her nieces and nephews.

Katie also credits her mom with teaching her that beauty comes from within. When you are a good person and confident, she has said, that’s what comes through. Katie wants to instill that same message in her daughter and be that same role model for her.

Seems to us she’s on her way to being that role model for Suri and many others. Have you seen that smile that lights up her face? With a little bit of blush or not, her inner light and beauty shines through.

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