At-home facials

We’ve got one of the best ways to pass the #stayathome time. That is when you’re not working, cleaning up after everyone, monitoring online school productivity and more. So, when you’ve got some downtime, it’s time to take care. Grab a family member or steal away for some me moments for at-home facials. These five masks are each super pampering while they’re on and result in perfectly glowy skin after.


Dermalogica Gentle Cream Exfoliant
This dual purpose product meshes mask and chemical exfoliation treatment in one. The mask increases hydration while alpha and beta hydroxy acids speed cell renewal for super smooth skin.; $43


Glossier Mask Duo
We love this duet of products that when used together, “hit the reset button on your skin.” Use the Mega Greens Galaxy Pack first to detoxifies. Then slather on the Moisturizing Moon Mask to hydrate. Mega Greens Galaxy Pack’s deep cleaning properties come from its nourishing clay base as well as leafy greens and superfruit antioxidants. The honey, aloe, and plant-based Squalane of the Moisturizing Moon Mask hydrates while licorice root and lemon extracts lend a brightening effect.; $40



Matcha Detolxfying Face Mask
On of our fave at-home facials, this mask is rich with matcha green tea, teaming with properties to detoxify and purify pores. The kombucha and witch hazel take care of excess oils and help lessen the look of pores. Organic cactus elixir hydrares skin and calms any redness.; $26


Like the Pros

Drunk Elephant T.L.C. Sukari Babyfacial
This professional-like glycolic, tartaric, lactic, citric and salicylic acids, this pro-quality smooths skin and makes fine lines, wrinkles and pores appear all but blend away. The blend of chickpea flour, pumpkin ferment and a soothing antioxidant blend of matchatea, milk thistle and apple lends to the mask’s brightening effects and skin’s elasticity.; $80


Watermelon + AHA Glow Sleeping Mask
Perfect for all skin types, this light ask is perfect to put on and let work it’s magic while you you sleep. The results are skin that’s hydrated, smooth and bright, thanks to a light exfoliation.; $45



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