Amber Thayer and Jewelry with Soul

Los Angeles based jewelry designer Amber Thayer launched Amber Thayer Beverly Hills in 2008 after touring the world with then rocker-husband KISS guitarist, Tommy Thayer. She has since run her private atelier from her home in Los Angeles, California. This native Texan’s first collection presented looks composed of large, bold materials and delicate tassel skirts, fastened together with various methods of braiding, metal work, crochet, and macramé. In the winter of 2011, Amber met Nancy Cooke de Herrera, who guided Amber through a series of exercises in the art of transcendental meditation over the course of four consecutive days at Mrs. de Herrera’s home. This experience drastically changed Amber’s approach to jewelry design and life. Thayer has spent the past decade redesigning her work around her clientele’s energies rather than just her personal aesthetic choices, pushing her focus to a more spirit-centric approach. Staying true to her vision, Thayer selects her materials, chooses her bonding techniques, and crafts each item with each wearer in mind. Thayer’s goal is to make one-of-a-kind items capable of both expressing and feeding each client’s soul.

 “If you’re going to make a statement, let your spirit do the talking.” – Amber Thayer

Custom designed guitar straps

Amber has designed for iconic rockers and musicians These unique one-of-a-kind guitar straps make exceptional gifts for the guitar afficienado. Prices vary.

Earring Extension

An iconic addition to an everyday accessory that has laid dormant until now. Amber Thayer has re-born and re-created a timeless display of a centuries old fashion that has been lost in time over the ages. Ages ago, while not seen as fashion but as a cultural form, this piece fits in with our descendants back to a powerful time that has been forgotten. Price $185


“Ascension of the Dragon Fly” is a neck piece bringing realization of Transformation, change, adaptability and self realization to the wearer of this fine piece. A carefully crafted golden dragon fly sits at the center of a golden ring of fire that perches atop a golden obelisk shaped pylon, suspended by a black cotton neck cord. This masterpiece realizes the power of this unique creature into a piece of wearable art that will direct you towards the light with the dragon fly as your guide. Price $595

Men’s Bracelet

Born as the “Filthy Rich” bracelet, this piece encompasses symbolism of prosperity, and good luck. When worn, this bracelet brings feelings of harmony, vitality and a positive energy rush when worn against the skin thanks to its pyrite main element. This piece will enhance your emotional well being. Made from interlaced waxed cord and silk thread with its main charm carved from wood. Price $285

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