Mission Statement

Westlake Magazine continues to be a leading editorial destination in the San Fernando and Conejo Valleys, as it has for the past 25+ years. Both Westlake and its sister publication West Luxury Magazine inspire the audience, men and women, who live along the wealthy Gold Coast to live their most stylish, healthy and happy lives.

More about WLM

Westlake Magazine provides inspiring and entertaining editorial to readers who take notice of and have influence over trends and styles, whether trending fashions, must-have beauty products, the latest tech gear, the hottest fitness fads, home decor details and more that weave their way through our lives. All that is rounded out with celebrity profiles, entertainment, social scenes, culinary finds, travel, art, philanthropy, health and beauty and event information provided to engage readers.

The Look

Our print versions are known for their grand trim size and luxury matte covers with spot-gloss print and rival the top titles in the country, that readers and businesses choose to keep on display long after the publication date.