A Halloween Inspired Party

HALLOWEEN IS ONE OF COURTNEY SIXX’S FAVORITE HOLIDAYS and she has been a guest at some of the most fabulously ghoulish Hollywood fetes. Many of the details she sees become muses for her own ideas. Now she is sharing some scary stylish decorating details for a Halloween Inspired Party. So read on to get ideas for table covers, menus, floral arrangements, chair backs and cushions, candles and more.

Eerily Chic Tablescape

Set your table outside, if possible, and at night. Place it amid a bevy of low hanging branches for a naturally spooky backdrop. If indoors, dim your lights for effect.

A Warm Welcome

Use Halloween as motivation but move beyond the typical black and orange. Like this table that mixes up chic black and grey combos. Also black textured fabrics with gold accents and arrangements of rich red and deep pink flowers.

Black Candelabras

Spray paint candelabras in matte black. Courtney loves spray paint for easy, budget-friendly all-over coverage. First of all, set tall, gold taper candles in squares of black tulle. Then place together in candle cradle for an edgy detail.

Decorative Chair Backs

Create a dramatic chair back with a giant black tulle bow festooned with flowers mirroring the table display. The floor-length drape of the bow is secured to the chair leg bottoms with two black elastic hair bands. The flowers and greenery are applied with a hot-glue gun.

Flowers and Fabric

Place lush, deep-hued floral arrangements down the center of the table. Courtney created a perfectly festive backdrop for the flowers and other table details. She muted a shimmery silver table covering with a black lace overlay. Fially, overlay can be ruched on the sides or left to hang long.

Personalized Menu

Calligraph black menus with guests’ names in gold. The personalized menus, wrapped in a pocket created by a silver napkin, black lace and a velvet strip, do double-duty as a seating card.

Bowls of Berries

Add more deep colors to the table setting with small silver bowls of blackberries and raspberries. Dot them at every few place settings for a pop of festive color and texture. But don’t be surprised if your guests think they are for snacking!

Velvet Seat Cushions

Customize rental chair cushions using fabric that goes with your theme—in this case black velvet. 1. Place a cushion on top of fabric and cut out, leaving 4 inches on each side; round corners and cut away excess. 2. Fold edge of fabric over all around, so that new edge is 1½ inches wider than cushion and pin in place. 3. Sew a straight line, leaving openings at two sides that meet. 4. Using a large straight pin, thread ½ inch wide length of ribbon (measure ribbon length to three times cushion perimeter). 5. Center cushion on underside of fabric and pull ribbon so it gathers around. Tie ribbon ends in a bow and secure to chair by tying ribbon ends and trim.

To see more fabulous DIY from Courtney Sixx, visit how2girl.com @how2girl

PHOTOGRAPHS BY Joey Carman Photography; @joeycarman

All furniture, dishware, glassware, flatware and silver linens courtesy of Ventura Rental Party Center.

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